Need Monitor Hood for I-Mac

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by edward_wallace|3, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. I have the 21.5" 2012 late version I-Mac and can not find any company that makes a hood for this model computer. Anyone out there
    know of any companies or places that would have this? I see hoods are available for "earlier" 2012 models but not the "later" 2012 IMac model which I have....
  2. Cardboard, black velvet, glue and velcro. Once you have the materials shouldn't take more than 20 minutes
  3. digitaldog

    digitaldog Andrew Rodney

    Even better IMHO, black foamcore.
  4. I don't have much problem with my larger iMac. Have you played with the brightness and angles of the screen and ambient lighting?
    BTW, it is "iMac" -- only "I-Mac" to newbies and Windows users- and you don't want to be classed with either group if you can help it.... ;)
  5. Integrated Color Systems sells a hood for $50.
  6. digitaldog

    digitaldog Andrew Rodney

    You can buy a lot of foamcore for $50 <g>
  7. Once again, I find myself agreeing with and echoing Andrew's sentiments. I recently got a terrific NEC 27" monitor with Spectraview. B&H sells a hood for it for just over US$100. I don't know what the velcro and black foamcore cost, but I'll bet it was under US$15.00. It works very well and can be removed or attached in about two minutes.
  8. yea, NEC's price for a couple of pieces of plastic is waay too high. they sometimes give them away during monitor purchase as a promotion
  9. " Have you played with the brightness and angles of the screen and ambient lighting?"
    Playing with the angles of the screen (position relative to the user) or ambient lighting is fine, but playing with brightness is playing with your calibration.

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