Need information on Minox I got at a yard sale

Discussion in 'Minox' started by jonathan_levy|2, May 27, 2013.

  1. I picked up a Minox spy camera at a yard sale and would like someone to give me some information about it.
    On the back at the top under the Minox and Wetzlar printing it has a III. I opened it and it has no film, but in the film loading area on the top is a serial 91 344. On the top it has a black nipple that fits up into a hole on the top. (flash connecter?) It also has a smaller unit, what I think is a stand alone light meter, cases for both and is all attached with chain. What would this sell for?
  2. If it works, around $100.
    Big if. CLA is not cheap, even in the US.
  3. Thank you for the information. What is CLA? And, is there somewhere I can buy film for this and get it developed?
  4. ph.


    Not just a spycam. The device one could always stash in a side pocket.
    Present day digitals could learn from its dimensions. Ditch the screen, keep the optical viewfinder and trust users to focus. Customers have screens at home, and digital snaps are far cheaper than Minox prints.
    Unfortunately, Minox Riga & Minox Wetzlar in its latest incarnation has been hijacked by the usual ignorami.
  5. Present day digitals could learn from its dimensions.​
    Canon certainly learned that lesson. My Ixus 70 has a very similar volume to my Minox B and fits in any pocket. It also has both an optical viewfinder and a very nice LCD.
    Takes very nice pictures as well.

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