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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by dipeshl, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Hello All,
    My name is Dipesh Lakhani and I am an amateur photographer from Toronto. Until now I've been using Picassa to share my photographs but want to create my own website. So first things first, I need a name for my site. Ive been mulling over different options and could really use your input. .. (.com is taken) or .ca
    and if you have any other suggestions, I'd love to hear them!!

    There was another post regarding nicknames by Allen L, and I thank him for bringing up the nickname question because I was facing the same dilemma. Apart of me knows d-po probably isnt the best idea, but I throw it out there for you guys to judge.
    I should mention. My main concern is that Lakhani will be to difficult for ppl to remember or spell (If Im verbally giving someone the site). Dipesh people seem to remember because of Depeche mode (it is pronounced exactly the same).

    Thanks in advance !!!
  2. Hello Dipesh:

    Go for something that is easy for people to:
    - Remember
    - Spell
    - Associate with you and your photography

    I agree with Will, get a .com name if at all possible. You can also get the .net as well as some other extensions that you'd set to point to your main domain, that way you're covering all bases.
  3. A problem with "Dipesh people seem to remember because of Depeche mode" is that people may remember the pronunciation, but not the spelling. is a poor choice, as there is already a and it's too similar.
    Why not go with dpo-photo .ca or .com. Pronouncing it as "Dee Pee Oh Dash Photo Dot Com" rolls of the tongue well, quite a bit better than d-po would at least (which when pronounced would be ambiguous as to whether you meant deepo, depo, or some other spelling.)
    On the .ca vs .com note - whatever you go for comes down to whether you feel that being Canadian is an important part of your cultural identity as it applies to your branding. If you can find a domain that you can get as both a .ca and a .com, you have the best of both worlds - just buy both and redirect the .com to the .ca or the other way.
  4. Dipesh, go with You will have many advantages if you ever decide to go pro.
  5. Thanks for the awesome feedback!!You guys have made some valid points. I'm really leaning towards
    Abhijit, would you be so kind as to elaborate on some of the advantages of using my full name. (esp if I decide to go pro) Thanks.
  6. Here are my thoughts on this.
    You are going to create a brand name in your name and this is huge issue. All your marketing efforts going to be centered around your name.
    Your name would appear in the copyright notice on every image even if you decide to do business under some other name.
    If you decide to use your name as the business entity you find things easier with regard to the ownership of the images. This copyright issue is little tricky especially when you create images how and when you work for your company. I you decide to use your company name as the copyrights holder then it is still going to be your name.
    You will get similar advantages about the copyrights for the images you are going to create before going pro.
    Hope that helps.

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