Need HELP fast! Modeling Agency Requesting Me

Discussion in 'Business of Photography' started by michaelsmiller, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. Hello.
    I need some help really fast! I have a big modeling agency here in town requesting to meet with me about becoming a prefered staff photographer for them and their clients. They currently have 2 photographers they use that they fly in when needed, 1 is based in LA, 1 is based in Texas. I have never met with an agency before so I could really use some advice on how to proceed, what to wear, how to price my services, what questions to ask, etc....
    Should I bring my portfolio, even though the director told me he was very familiar with my work and loved my website?
    Do I wear a suit or should I keep it casual?
    What kinds of questions do I need to ask them?
    How do I price myself properly without watering down the market and losing money?
    Any and ALL help is greatly appreciated. We are meeting tomorrow morning. Thanks in advance
  2. Michael, you'd be wise at this point to pay a good consultant who knows your specific business for their advise. . . you dont have a lot of time, i understand that, but for something like this you should be willing to pay for the best advise you can afford. I hope you get some help on this post, but consider calling a good consultant and paying them for help. . .
  3. I worked with modeling agency in NYC but not in a photographer capacity.
    Business casual worked for this agency.
    Bringing portfolio makes perfect sense. If they ask for you have it, if not, then nothing lost.
    Questions dealing with contracts & money I cannot help.
  4. Michael,
    I have not been in the model photography business. But I have noticed in a sales negotiation session, that after discussion, there often is a period of silence. At that time, the next one to speak is the one who "loses" or gives in. Good advice above about a consultant. And correct to ask advice of others. It will be to your advantage to go into a session knowing what you want.

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