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  1. Was money exchanged? Does your standard contract have language that covers this type of situation. I think there are precedents. I believe a bakery didn't want to make a cake for a gay marriage. I think there was a lawsuit but don't know what the outcome is. If you are facing this dilemma, then you probably need to consult an attorney in your jurisdiction. Or call the ACLU and see if they will advise you, though they might side with the client. Are suspected neo-nazis a protected class when it comes to discrimination. There's just a lot of legal questions that you will probably not get proper advice on from a forum.
  2. Did they tell you why they sent the "sample" photo? Was there a message with it?
  3. Did you ever think that it was a prank? :)
    What was the end of the story?
  4. No money was exchanged, just discussed my fee and talked scheduling. We also talked about doing a family session. We talked about a good time to meet. I received the picture after the fact and then they told me what they wanted.
  5. I want to thank everyone for the support and advice. I just wanted to follow up with all that helped out and update you. I also did some more research, talked to a few business people in my area, a few legal and law enforcement people as well, crafted what I felt was a dignified and respectful response, had it proofread by some people and sent the message to decline the session. I am patiently waiting for a response, if I get one. So if you pray, send good vibes, or good thoughts please do.
  6. Good luck . Keep us up to date.
  7. The other possibility (ok, so I'm a little cynical) is that they were fishing for someone to tell them they don't want their business because of that other photo so they can then sue for the same reason the people sued in the case of the cake maker hired to make a cake for a gay couple. There have been several of these cases, with varying results. One of the cries from the right is that liberals are all about being tolerant as long as you agree with them.

    I agree with your method of turning it down - just realize they may have been looking for a pawn.
  8. Another update: As of this morning my official declination of moving forward with the photo session was accepted with very little to no issue at all. This makes me feel 100% better. Thanks all for your support and effort in helping me. Your encouraging words and support here in this community helped me and I can't thank you enough. Much respect!!
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  9. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    Glad it all worked out OK for you.
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  10. ."This is true for both the idiot Neo-Nazi types, the trolling privileged gay couple (oh look at us, we happen to be gay so "we must be morally superior", GTFOOH with that BS), and the “I’m a dude, but I identify as a woman, so you have to wax my balls” sickos types, LOL. They can all f$ck the f$ck f$cking off equally as far as I’m concerned "Phil.

    Gay folk are very different in their believes to Neo Nazi types. The reality is the Nazi types murdered a third of the Jewish population....a mass slaughter. Yet, in western society, they are still able to propaganda their message of Evil.

  11. Gays are morally superior.

    They do not murder.

    The superior western culture. Hmm.
  12. Not good to be a Nazi or Neo in Russia.

    But in the west it's okay.

  13. JFC Phil. Put down the shovel and walk away from the hole while you can.
  14. "There’s no such thing as “gay folk” or 'white folk" or “black folk” or “transgender folk” etc. as a homogeneous BORG like entity" Phil.

    What is like in fairy land? Are you a wizard or a bloke with a big sword. I wannabe be a wizard. How about you?

    Being into photography, and looking at photos, just looked at a photo of a black man cuffed and being dragged behind a horse.

    And, let us all guess...who was riding the horse? A black man with superior culture values....wrong...a white man.

    Man, those western culture values are so cool.
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  15. Okay, lets have a think.

    A black man on a horse, dragging a white man behind him. Hmm, need I say more.

    God, bless all. When the grim reaper comes for you, and he will.

    Only God will be there standing there for you. Nobody else.
  16. "I'm standing. I'm standing on a mountain of truth among holes of lies" Phil.

    Cult truths.

    Without any rhyme or reason of factual truths. A misguided faith of cult believe.

    Few folks can escape from a cult. I've tried for you my best.

    A cult has its own truths. They always use the word "faith".
  17. I'm saying (a white straight male) Phil

    Why would you need to say that?

    Sort of condescending. This is how it goes.

    "Hey, I'm a proper white guy, and not gay. Proper bloke"

    You know, not one of those.
  18. Lets us be honest, Phil.

    You have a need for a disclaimer.
  19. " was a picture of them with Neo-Nazi flags and banners"

    They are Nazis. There believes murdered a third of the Jewish population in the world. Some of those folk, they turned into bars of soap, to wash their hands with.

    Like the original Nazi's, they operate with fear, and aggression to anyone who oppose them.

    Tell them to f"""*off . That simple.

    These horrors need to be stood up to, and not to be frighten by them. In life, you have to make a stand against evil, if not it will prevail as in Nazi Germany.
  20. "Also sounds like Antifa, huh." Phil.

    Not sure who they are.

    But, have they murdered millions of folk, or, hung up black folk because they were black.

    Are they dressed in white, burning crosses, and wear peaky hats?
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