Need Fuji GX680 battery or AA battery pack

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by scott_mcmillan, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. Help! I need the rechargeable battery for the Fuji GX680. For the
    original one, not the GX680III. Seems that I read somewhere that
    there was a AA battery pack for the GX680 III that can be made to
    work with the original 680. Can anyone confirm this? Was there a AA
    battery pack specifically designed for the original 680? I can't
    seem to locate either the rechargeable battery or the battery pack.
    I have tried the "big auction", and several of the major photo
    supply houses, with no luck. Any ideas?
  2. Has batteries and AA Holders as parts of "Camera Outfits" right now but
    not listed separately. They do have DC Power adapters (plug your camera in while using it)
    and also Ni-Cad Chargers.
  3. Yea, I saw that on KEH and contacted them, hoping that they would part with one of the battery packs, but no luck. I have one good rechargeable now, but I don't know how much life is left in it. I found a AA pack for the 680 III, and I read somewhere on this forum that they could be adapted for use on the first series 680. I think I may take a chance and buy it.
  4. Update! According to Fuji tech support, the AA battery pack for the 680 III WILL work on the original 680. I have ordered one, and we shall see!
  5. That's good...

    You should consider that power supply as well. That way you can use it to shoot 'tethered'
    when it is practical and save your battery.
  6. Dear Scott,

    I have identical problems with my FUJI GX680.

    I would like to ask you for email address of Fuji technical support.

    It is realy very difficult to get any answer from Fuji.

    So, you bought the original battery pack for FUJI GX680III and please can you tell me where and what is the price? Further on, does it fit on GX680 camera body and does it woork with the old model Fuji GX680 too?

    I look forward to an early reply,

    Best regards,

    Stane Jersic
  7. I found one at Adorama, for $52.95. It is listed for the 680 III, but Fuji tech support said it would work with the original 680. If I understand correctly, it is a back-up battery system for the 680 III, in case the primary battery goes out. Let me know, guys, if I'm wrong about that.It should be here by Tuesday or Wednesday, and I'll let you guys know if it actually does work. I used the toll free phone number to talk to Fuji tech support, and that number is at my office. I will post it tomorrow when I get to work.
  8. The battery pack arrived today. The Fuji guy was right! The battery pack does work. Well, sort of......he just forgot to mention that there were some modifications in order. I noticed that the battery pack held 6 AA batteries. At 1.5 volts a piece, that is 9 volts. The original nicad is 7.2 volts.Hmm...lets see.....9 minus 1.5 equals 7.5. Close! I didn't want to risk damage to the camera, so I replaced one battery with a "dummy", checked the voltage, and sure enough, it was 7.5 volts. Now all I have to do is attach it to the camera, and I'm ready to go, right? WRONG. Nothing happened! I took it off and attached it again, still nothing. Next I attached jumpers from the contacts on the battery pack to the contacts on the camera.It powered up! What gives? I finally noticed the little spring loaded pin sticking out near the electrical contacts on the camera. It is pressed in when the battery is attached. For some reason the camera will not power up when the pin is pushed in by the AA pack. The nicad battery also pushes the pin in, but the camera works fine. I cut a notch in the back of the AA pack with my dremel tool, so that the pin would not be pushed in, attached the battery, and the camera powered up! Everything works. I have no idea why the pin has to be out with the AA pack, and not with the nicad. If any of you guys know, please let me know. Well, there you have it, the AA battery pack for the 680 III will work with the original 680.....with a little tinkering!
  9. I have the GX680 II and I also quested after the AA battery pack. I bought one in August directly from Fuji. I paid about $70 including shipping and it works perfectly. According to Fuji, this battery pack is made specifically for the earlier model cameras. The part number on my receipt is 05013084. The phone number for Fuji parts is 800-659-3854.
  10. Hi there,

    I saw your posts and thought I would let you know that my company
    specialises in the supply and refurbishment of rechargeable battery packs.
    I can confirm that we can and do refurbish the orignal type of Fuji GX680
    battery packs. If anyone wants more info please contact me on the following
    email address, Regards Russell F
  11. I have a great working solution that replaces the Fuji batteries with modern day batteries. It was very practical with my digital Nikon setup, also utilizing a 7.4V DC currency - idential to Fuji GX680 (I and II) requirement. More here: Sincerely, Steinar, Norway
  12. I just hacked my camera and used one of these li-ion batteries from ebay.
    I tested the original ni-cad battery and it shows 9v eventhough the label says 7.4v
    This chinese battery takes in 12v and puts out 12/9/5v. I chose the 9v output.
    I opened the side of the camera to reveal the wires leading up to the battery terminals.
    I then soldered two wire directly to the leads and connected the 9v direct to that.
    Everything works great.
  13. Does anyone still have the old dead batt at home? Would you send it to me sรณ I could try to build an adapter? Would be really helpfull :)
  14. Wouldn't it be funny if Fuji, knowing what they were doing, had put that pin in to drop a resistor in line when you used an AA battery pack, to lower the voltage to the right level, and you, being cleverer than the people who designed the camera, by putting a dummy battery in, dropped the voltage below acceptable for an AA pack, triggering failure. Or, to put it another way, why make a AA pack that would kill the camera when loaded with AA batteries?
  15. NiCd rechargeable AA batt's have a "nominal" voltage of 1.22 vdc, so the Fuji guys were thinking just as Michael has written. If you take a look at the "menu" of most "modern" gigi cameras, it has a menu for rechargeable & Alkaline batterys. My guess is the dropping resistor is selected this way. Enjoy, Aloha Bill

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