Need advice on dealing with a lemon lens

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by vuyisich, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. Hi all.
    I have owned a Canon 28-135 lens since November 2007. In both June and November this year, I sent the lens to Canon (Irvine) for the same problem (no focus lock at 28mm setting). Now, the lens started exhibiting the exact same problem again. I contacted the Canon Care Center and asked if it was possible to get a replacement lens, since mine broke down 3 times with the same problem. They said they could not do that, and recommended I contact either the Canon Factory Service Center (by phone) or the Canon Customer Relations Department (by snail mail). They also offered me a pre-paid shipping label to send my lens again for repair.
    My question is: has anyone been in a situation like this? Any recommendations for a course of action? I would really like Canon to replace my lens (I love it), but how do I achieve that?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. So did you contact the Factory Service Center by phone or the Canon Customer Relations Department by mail?
    I am not Canon but I can understand why sometimes a repair facility cannot replace a lens. They may not have the brand new lens in their inventory to replace you.
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    And what did the SELLER of the lens say when you contacted them?
    Tell us more.
  4. I have not contacted the other Canon people yet. I was looking for an advice here first.
    I bought the lens from Amazon in November 2007, so they have nothing to do with it.
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    The seller has everything to do with the sale of something that you think is not ready for sale, that is, that you think is a lemon.
    However, all sellers and manufacturers stand behind their stuff only for a limited period of time, and if that time has elapsed, then they lived up to their promises, and all you can do is consider the item a "consumable", that is has given it's all, it's dead, toss it, and move on ... and probably stop buying their stuff in the future, I suppose.
    However, if you feel that either the seller or the manufacturer has been unable to make the item essentially meet it's promised performance specifications during the promise period, then the seller (Amazon) and or the maker (Canon) has a responsibility to refund or replace it if they cannot service it successfully.
    This is nothing new. As a consumer, you might be aware of this. If someone brings you an unsatisfactory meal at a restaurant, or sells you water-tainted gasoline, or any transaction where a product or service is tendered in exchange for money, it has an implied contract (unless there is an express specific indemnifying contract to the contrary, and even those are often frowned on in court), you are entitled to repair, replacement, or refund. As a consumer, you have rights protected by the same government that enfranchise sellers to incorporate and permit them to make the sale to you in the first place.
    Advice? Do with the lens as you would do with any other product or service you purchased and found faulty and unsupported by the seller or the maker. Ask Amazon for a replacement or a refund after showing them that Canon representatives failed to service it.
    Let us know what you actually DO, and how Amazon, or whomever you think is responsible for providing a remedy for your unsatisfactory transaction, responds.

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