Need a bag upgrade for my D300, kit zoom & flash

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by russelharris, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. Hi
    Im currently using a Kata R101 to carry all my gear, plus a small notebook, and my old, small Lowepro Film organiser bag for daytrips with my D300 + attached kit lens.
    The problem is I cant fit anything else into the Lowepro and there are plenty of times I would love to have my 35 DX prime or SB-700 along as well.
    • I was thinking a box-shaped sling-type bag would be ideal,
    • with a zip that opened around the top rim of the bag (maybe two zips with a handle attached to open both at the same time for quick access?); and
    • a pouch attached to the front for a cellphone, wallet etc.
    Hey, as long as I am fantasizing why not combine it with a Camel-back water container?
    So, while the last point isn't mandatory I was wondering in anyone on had suggestions for a bag for me?
  2. Personally I like the Lowepro Classified Sling. I use the 220, but I need the space for a laptop. The 180 is plenty big enough for a D300 + kit lens + 35mm f/1.8 + SB-700. If you want a cell pouch, just buy a slip-lock pouch that easily attaches to the sling-pack's strap.
    Hope this helps,
  3. Hi Richrd. Thanks for that but it's way too big. I took a look at some Kata bags at the store this afternoon - kata dt-213 seemed about right. But I will check out some more tomorrow.
  4. Check out the Think Thank Urban Disguise bags, too, if you're going to be carrying some IT hardware along with you.
  5. Thanks guys!
    I managed to check out a few more bags this evening and concluded that I need something that will only take the D300, 18-70; and 35 DX / flash; nothing more.
    IOW, I intend leaving the netbook behind so I can focus on taking pics, not shlepping a big bag.
    Also the bag would have to have a side or front pocket - not an add-on pouch for my wallet, cell, etc.
    I think that narrows it down.

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