Neck Strap or Shoulder Strap?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by baberate, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Sandy Vongries

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    I was in law enforcement, I trained law enforcement personnel. Since I carry the camera in my weak hand, various options for personal defense with my strong hand are readily available. Additionally, my straps are broad nylon, worn loose, unlikely to bind as the cord on a baton, or even the lanyard on a handgun. Based on spending most of my life studying and teaching a variety of Martial Arts, I feel confident in my comments. I expect you are more knowledgeable than I in photography.
  2. Never used a lanyard. That was before my time, but I was taught how to handle a baton. I still use that wrap with a walking stick.
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  3. Tony Parsons

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    For me, it has to be a stretchy neck strap - I have mobility issues (think of suffering from small personalised earthquakes !), so one hand has either a walking stick or a monopod, for support and balance, the other has to be free for when I have a significant lurch (You Rang ?). Tried one of those seat on a stick thingies, but with my weight it just sank into the ground ! At least the weight of the backpack balances my belly !
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    Don't most of us! Haven't got to the point of a stick as yet, though have an interesting option or two in mind.:D
    Do need to wear a knee brace for rougher terrain. One does as one must to continue and enjoy.
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  5. HoofArted

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    Until I read this thread (three weeks ago or thereabouts) I'd forgotten I had a shoulder sling that came with a Sigma 150-600. I had tried it on for size when I first got it but it felt odd so I put it away, forgot about it and kinda used the neck strap. I wore the neck strap with long lenses as a safety thing (in case I would drop the camera) but never left the weight on my neck; carried the lens in the crook of my arm.
    When using a smaller lens I never did like the camera dangling from my neck and would put one arm through the neck strap and carry my camera under the opposite arm. I was using it as a poor substitute for a sling but wasn't bright enough to put two and two together at the time. At any rate I dug the sling out after reading this post and have used it exclusively with long lenses.

    Turns out I prefer the sling and really like it.
  6. I just bought another RRS L-plate, and was surprised to find it bored on the base and vertical panel for a mil-spec quick connect. That's a lot safer than a screw or clamp, and instantly removable for use on a tripod. I use a Mag-Pul single point sling (available from RRS or sporting goods), which comes with compatible connectors.

    I'm into "heavy duty," but the new Peak Design straps are worth looking at. The loop ends are easy to connect to the camera's D rings, and to straps of various lengths, including hand straps. The loops have wear indicators to signal replacement, which I suspect would follow years of hard use.
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  7. Second the Peak. Pricey but well made and functional design with quite a few adaptable options.
    You can put multiple quick connect buttons on different cameras cheaply and move the strap camera to camera very quickly.
  8. This is what I saw one wedding photog using.
    Home - Spider Camera Holster
    For her style of shooting, it seemed to work well.

    But her husband said that it really only works if you have hips to take the weight of the belt (+ camera+lens). If you don't have hips, like him, the weight would just pull the belt down. He used a WIDE strap/sling instead.
    A molle harness might work to support the belt.
  9. Sandy Vongries

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  10. Except if the guy is SLIM, with no protruding hip.
    He told me that his wife's kit pulled his pants down.
    A harness would be the only thing that would work for him.

    And for me, but for a different reason.
    I cannot tighten a belt TIGHT, as it compresses my lower back, aggravating a back injury.
    I have to wear suspenders, so in my case a harness on the equipment belt.

    hmm the Sun Sniper looks interesting
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  11. For foreign travel I use an "uncuttable" neck strap from AAA. Less likely to lose the camera to street thieves. The lens is another story - I've seen that story.

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