NEC Multisync LCD 2090UXi vs. 2070NX

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  1. Ok, after much research and reading the posts on this forum I have narrowed it
    down to the following:

    1.NEC Multisync LCD 2090UXi or
    2.NEC Multisync LCD 2070NX

    I know that these are both S-IPS, have excellent specs (almost identical) and
    have gotten good reviews from users as well as from several technical review
    sites. Before I jump in I would like to get some practical advice about the
    real world use. Especially since the 2090 at $1075 is 2+ times the price of
    the 2070 at $475. These are the best internet prices in the US that I can find
    from known suppliers. I?m not exactly a pro so I probably don?t need every
    last drop of color control perfection but I do want to be able to color
    calibrate it and I do want good performance. I do need this to be very good
    for photo editing and retouching but also for day to day use for general
    office type work etc.

    So, is the 12 bit LUT and the 12 bit gamma correction really worth the price
    difference and can I get the same performance from the 2070 if it is properly
    calibrated and can I calibrate it properly without the advantage of these?
    What else may I be missing?

    I have to admit that I'm not sure that I really understand the adsvantage of
    the LUT capability on the 2090 UXi.

    Your perspective, as always, will be most appreciated.

    Thanks again,

  2. Im thinking of buying 2070NX, they both are 8-bits panels, can not justify paying $500 more for gamma correction only
  3. I recently bought the 2070NX. I think that the only practical difference difference is that the screen on the 2090 may be either hand picked or a different screen (same technology though). I use the Optix Monaco XR Pro to calibrate my monitors. The 2070NX calibrates to an average Delta E of around 1, with no single test patch being above 2.0. (monitor set to native white and calibrated to D65) From what I've read, the 2090UX will calibrate a bit tighter. Setting the brightness took some trial and error. I found that a setting of 110 cd/m^2 is pretty good. Brighter settings look very snappy, but have way more punch than any print. At lower brightness settings the monitor doesn't calibrate as well (Delta E of 1.5 at 100 cd/m^2). Overall, I don't think that any differences between the monitors, after being calibrated, will be visible.
  4. Jerry and Bruce,

    Thanks for your opinions.

    After more review and thought I have decided to go with the LCD 2070NX. I can't justify the price difference at this time and since so much will change over the next year it seems wise to limit the cost right now. Also I have seen the 2070NX and it is a beautiful monitor. Based upon you experience, Bruce, I should have no issue with the pictute quality after calibration. Several other owners also said that it calibrated right up using Spyder, Monaco or other systems.

    I'll order it from NewEgg tomorrow. Thanks again

  5. i'm thinking about buying this LCD, i'm just wondering if it's not outdated. My budget is
    500?? max (680$). Is there new alternives better ? cheaper ?

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