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  1. "This is the additional weekly image thread for the Nature Forum. While images posted to this thread should still be nature in theme, it may contain a small amount of human-made objects and therefore less restricted than the Monday in Nature threads. Please see this discussion for more details: Alternative weekly thread in Nature forum

    Each participant please post no more than just one image per weekly thread."

    It's fall here in Uruguay. These caterpillars seem to be moving together to find a good place to pupate since they don't appear to be feeding. We have seen about 6 of these masses over the last few years. This is one of the smaller ones.

    It is quite a sight to see this jet back mass moving. I haven't been able to ID them, so any suggestions are most welcome.

    The good news is that the daylight hours will start to increase in about 2 weeks.
    black caterpillar mass.jpg
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  2. The Carmel River flowing into the ocean with Point Lobos in the background.
    Carmel River Beach 10_2.jpg
  3. Ribbon Snake DSC_1071.jpg
  4. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

  5. Tanzania-Ngorongoro-hd.jpg
    Marabou Storks at the Ngorongoro Lodge Dump
    Wiki: in both wet and arid habitats, often near human habitation, especially landfill sites.)
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  6. Bill, you may have hit on their strategy: to look like a black snake! That would keep the birds away.
  7. Jay_23.jpg European Jay
  8. I suppose rhododendrons in Vermont should count as "hand of man,"'s a hummingbird moth coming in for a landing:

    hummoth to rhododendron.jpg
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    Snowy egret in flight

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  10. _DSC0607_20190505Post.jpg Taken at the Sacramento Zoo on 5 May 2019 mid-afternoon. I was testing a Tamron 100-400 f/4.5-6.3. The image was taken with my D750 set at 1/125 sec, ISO 400, lens set at 400mm, f/6.3, range approximately 15 meters, For it price, this lens gives very sharp images and the VR works well.

    The lion was asleep until a police helicopter flew overhead, then he became alert and oriented,

    Please view full size
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    Planned ? Of course.

    TONY0012 - unexpected 001.jpg

    No - happy accident
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