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  1. This is the additional weekly image thread for the Nature Forum. While images posted to this thread should still be nature in theme, it may contain a small amount of human-made objects and therefore less restricted than the Monday in Nature threads. Please see this discussion for more details: Alternative weekly thread in Nature forum

    Each participant please post no more than just one image per weekly thread.

    For all you fungus fans, this has been growing in my lawn here in Uruguay for the past couple of weeks. orange mass on lawn.jpg
  2. That fungus looks like one of my failed baking adventures. Here is one of a couple hundred Night Herons at the Colusa National Wildlife refuge yesterday. _A0A8534-Edit.jpg
  3. Another view of the great sand dunes in south central Colorado. I might have been tempted to clone out the wires, which wouldn't have been terribly difficult, but left them just because. Also, since I like this whole idea of a nature thread with allowances for "non-natural" elements, it's kind of fun finding shots that include just a bit of the human hand. We tend not to like wires like these in photos. They certainly do seem "in the way." Nevertheless wires and such are part of the truth when traveling through the countryside and it's nice to confront that photographically, at least on occasion. Actually, my favorite part of the photo are the two nearly-indiscernible birds perched on the wires, probably because they bother me so!

  4. Gup

    Gup Gup

    I was surprised by this guy one morning shortly after I built this house. Spring of 1991.
    Like a proud papa, I left his dirty paw prints on the glass for months.

    bear scan 900 .jpg
  5. Field of flowers.

    Nikon D800 with Nikon 24-70mm lens @52mm. 0.5 sec; f/16; ISO 100, on tripod.
  6. I actually like the way the power wires angle parallel to the mountain range behind and kind of anchor the foreground.
  7. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    African penguin at Bolder Beach, near Cape Town, South Africa

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