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  1. Since nobody seems to have started it, I'll have a go this week.

    Back in the 1970's I had a house in way Northern New York, and when I undertook to reside it, dug up all the foundation plantings, including a big clump of old irises. I put them in a wheelbarrow, and forgot, and the wheelbarrow flooded and froze during the winter. The next spring I moved, and at the last minute I took the irises. I transplanted them in Connecticut and they grew again. When I moved in 1987 I dug up a few, and planted them again. They had a rough time, and I was down to just a couple, but now here they are again, in abundance. It's been a good iris year too.

    north country iris.jpg
  2. backyard deer in Austin, Texas. Nature Unlimited 6-8-2018.jpg
  3. These things are everywhere down here.
    These things.jpg
  4. The Egyptian duck says..."I ain't steppin' in that!"

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