Nature Unlimited 9 July 2021

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  1. This is the additional weekly image thread for the Nature Forum. While images posted to this thread should still be nature in theme, it may contain a small amount of human-made objects and therefore less restricted than the Monday in Nature threads. Please see this discussion for more details: Alternative weekly thread in Nature forum

    Each participant please post no more than just one image per weekly thread. Many members will appreciate any information you are willing or able to provide regarding location, shooting process, exposure settings, equipment, and information on the subject(s), including scientific and/or common names.

    Balanced Rock against a star field background. Dim lighting by a car approaching on the road.
    Nikon D5100+Nikkor 18-105mm/3.5-5.6, @ 18mm/3.5, ISO 1000, 40 sec, processed in LR5. Early attempt (2015) with first DSLR kit, re-visited and reprocessed from DNG archive file.
  2. Fawn crossing street in front of my Austin house. 20210707-NatureUnlimited.jpg
  3. nature_unl_0708.JPG Maskenleguan (curly tailed lizard)
  4. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Bald eagle with catch; looks like a duckling.

  5. Roger G

    Roger G Roger G

    Red Columbine, Sandia Mountains, New Mexico USA.

    E86A8311 dpp pse pnet.jpg
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