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  1. This is the additional weekly image thread for the Nature Forum. While images posted to this thread should still be nature in theme, it may contain a small amount of human-made objects and therefore less restricted than the Monday in Nature threads. Please see this discussion for more details: Alternative weekly thread in Nature forum

    Each participant please post no more than just one image per weekly thread.

    On the beach south of LAX (Los Angeles International Airport)
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  2. ShunCheung

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  3. White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas DSC_1463.jpg
  4. Looks like I should have gone with the pelican option...;)
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  5. Taken in Elk Grove, CA, 9 October 2020 @ 12:37 PM
    Nikon D750 1/2000 sec, f/5.6, ISO 400 (Auto) Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD A009N @ 200mm Range: 4.73 meters

    Please view full-size

    A Light Snack

  6. I think these birds are just the right size. Trying for pelicans either would have overwhelmed the waves or would have changed the perspective. You got the exposure dead on - good detail in the birds and the waves are not blown out.

    Next time you are shooting neat LAX, see if you can get one of the nut job flying the jetpack in in controlled airspace. :) That would be different - although probably not appropriate for this forum. :D
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  7. GA-Ft-Pulaski.jpg
    too close?​
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  8. ShunCheung

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    Only if you have more pelicans in your picture than mine. :cool:
    Just kidding.

    A few years ago, once I saw about 200 white pelicans together. That is probably the most I have seen at one location. What was strange was that when I arrived, there was none, but suddenly they started arriving one after another. After like an hour, I think there were more than 200.
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  9. There can never be too many pelicans - pulled one from the archives (2008)
  10. I wondered where they all disappeared to.
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  11. Might be related to a pelican?:rolleyes: Crazy Bird s .jpg
  12. Snow Geese prepping for the long haul south from central Saskatchewan. 2015 Saskatchewan - Hwy 4 Swift Current to Rosetown IMG_6903.JPG
  13. Very good photographs. I love this.
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