nature photos in New Orleans - late December

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  1. I am thinking of a trip to New Orleans last week in December. Any suggestions as to good areas to shoot birds and nature either in the City area or beyond??
  2. Avery Island, where Tabasco Sauce is made, is also a bird sanctuary with excellent access. The island is actually a salt dome only a few feet above sea leavel, mostly landlocked, surrounded by a narrow strip of water. Wild life in New Orleans is completely unrelated. One of the nearby plantations has a resident alligator. The nature walk has a sign posted, "If you see old Joe, don't get any closer and don't try to run away." Don't know what to make of that.
  3. New Orleans Zoo were the only animals I have seen in the town. Haven't been back since all the disasters

    Avery Island is nice, and there is some wonderful cooking and music out that way
  4. Nature in New Orleanso_O:confused: nature_NO.jpg
    best I saw in October...
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