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Discussion in 'Nature' started by scl, Apr 26, 2015.

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    While walking in and around local wetlands today (Chicago area), I came across patches of the plants shown below...leaves were 8-12 inches long and about half as wide. They appeared to be wild, based on how they were scattered, some in rushes, some at slightly higher elevations in heavily wooded areas - but getting plenty of sun before the tree leaves come out. No flowers, at least at this time. Thanks in advance.
  2. Looks like early skunk cabbage?
  3. Here are some from Acadia National Park
  4. SCL


    Thanks Edwin - Shapes & variegation look pretty similar, and I've heard that it grown in the area.
  5. Also has a characteristic 'skunky' odor when the leaves are crushed.
  6. Yep - eastern skunk cabbage. Check out the location in late February / early March and you'll see it "blooming" with one of the ugliest flowers ever. Here's one:
  7. Let's try that picture again...
    Also, there is an interested video on the skunk cabbage's ability to create heat in the winter time as it pushes its way up through the frozen soil. Link here:

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