Natchez Antebellum Mansions

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  1. I visited three antebellum Natchez, Mississippi mansions; Rosalie, Stanton Hall and Longwood. Rosalie allows photography of its lovingly restored interior while neither Stanton Hall nor Longwood allow photography of the restored areas. However, photography is allowed in the unfinished upper floors of Longwood; construction of which was halted by the Civil War.
    I shot with a Canon 40D and 17-55mm f/2.8 IS lens except for Longwood in which I used a 12-24mm Tokina f/4 lens. I lit interiors with a Canon 420EX bounced into a Joe Demb Flash Diffuser Pro.
    Please visit my Natchez album at:
  2. Richard, I visited your site the other day but was remiss in not commenting. Thank you for sharing those. I've always loved the antebellum South. Some very interesting items depicted there... I was especially intrigued by the old turpentine cans... my grandfather was a painter, and I hadn't seen or thought about those old cans in a long, long time. Evokes memories.
  3. Nice work. We do a lot of of work in Mississippi, I will check Natchez out next time I am down that way.

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