Narcissus Goose?

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  1. This poor goose seems mate-less, and has fallen in love with his reflection in my condo window. At least that's what we assume? He seems to be a loner , when most other Canadian geese are quite social. He spends his day honking at various reflections of himself. Has anyone ever seen this type of behavior? Is there a water fowl psychiatrist in the house?
  2. Picture attached:
  3. Canada Geese normally mate for life, and if one of the pair passes on the other usually does not mate again. I'd bet your goose is in this situation and is just looking for a friend.
  4. That's kind of sad. But I bet you could get some nice shots from the other side of the glass!
  5. I have an unusual situation in that I live on a small pond with Canada Geese who come back to visit each spring. There was one lonely one here now for weeks (I assumed something happened to its mate as mentioned they usually stay together) --- but lo and behold I came home yesterday and there were now a total of 3 Canada Geese in the pond!
    I was very happy to see this strange reunion, but at least she has some company now.
    Funny thing is that once every week or so, a large flock of Canada Geese would come flying overhead honking and the lonely would try to honk and rejoin their group. but she would keep returning by herself.
    Apparently, she found some friends now...but I would imagine in your case, it is just loneliness leading the goose to stare at itself.
  6. Now I'm gonna go off and cry. There are other geese that hang out in the neighborhood, so My goose could have company. Unfortunately, these geese hang around doing their business on our lawn year round. I've read that the non-migrating birds are now thought of as their own sub-species. There are Canada geese that still migrate.
    Sometimes he/she exhibits anger stance behavior too. They elongate their necks and hiss and fuss. But usually they do this to chase off other geese. This one hisses and yells at the parking lot.
    Maybe I can get the poor thing on meds? Goose Prozac?
  7. I don't know what the cure might be. I am sure something good will come of this.....
    To quote a country song (Is this even allowed on -- HAHA)
    "Life ain't always beautiful, but its a beautiful ride. "
  8. The goose is a metaphor for life, he's just looking for a friend.
    Now if he were one of the local abundant wild turkeys. Instead of waxing poetically, I'd toss him some corn for a few weeks and fatten him up. And then invite him in for dinner.
  9. The goose is seeing its own reflection and likely trying to chase what it thinks is another goose. Robins and Cardinals are notorious for this. I never heard of a goose doing this. You need to break the reflection. I would not be surprised if its mate is on a nest nearby.
    I hate to sound like a corectnik, but the plural of Canada Goose is "Canada Geese". Almost everyone incorrectly says "Canadian Geese".
  10. The geese formerly known as "Canada" or even Canadian, have now decided to stay at various local lakes all year around.
    What do you do for a slippery lawn? I think there's good reason to follow up on Steve's idea. Non-migratory migratory waterfowl are, well, foul.
    What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen Canada Goose, by the way?
  11. I had a female cardinal who did a similar thing...she would constantly fly at the window, same spot~ all day. I felt so badly for her.
  12. Alas! My lonely goose is back to being least with her own kind. The mysterious visitors are missing now. However, she does rest and swim with my other loyal pond ducks, so at least she has some friends to hang out with during the day.
  13. My neighbors raised an orphan mallard duckling from infancy into adulthood. The duck lived and ran with their dogs. And now it is deathly afraid of water! In fact if he is tossed into a pond , he scrambles out.
    Animal behavior can be very different when they're mixed with humans. I have the feeling that this duck thinks he's a dog!
  14. I had some smaller bird attacking my truck mirrors regularly. I now cover them up with grocery bags when the truck is parked in the driveway, for the protection of my mirrors, the sanity of the bird, and the well being of his mate and offsprings. Everybody wins!
  15. What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen Canada Goose, by the way?​
    I don't know.... aaaawwwwwwww (screaming as I fall away). I should imagine though that it is inversely related to the shutter speed. That is the Goose has a greater velocity in dimmer light than in bright light. :)

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