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  1. Hi, guys! It may be a result of staying up until 2am most days this week, but I have hit a creative wall in my business plan. I am emerging as a wedding photographer (among other photographic pursuits) in my area, and I have finally put together some packages. I would like to be able to show each of these packages on my website with a simple, easy to remember name and icon. Currently, my packages are simply "Essentials", "Silver", "Gold", and "Platnum". I am annoyed by these names, especially since I cannot think of good ways to illustrate them with simple button icons. (I mean, how can you make a simple button icon for "platnum"?) Plus...well, I know it works for many photographers, but I would really be happier with more creative names. Fits me better. :) I would like the "Essentials" package to stay under that name- I have assigned it a simple vector of a leaf. (So, when people select the leaf under my "packages" page, they get more info on the package. I hope I'm explaining myself coherently, haha!) But, now what? Could I rename the other packages to flowers or something? (I.E., daisey, lily, rose?) Or precious stones? (I.E., ruby, emerald, Quartz?) If so, how do I determine which should be for the 'better' package? (Is there a rule for this? I.E, this flower is better than...) Or if I were to keep all the names, does anyone have an idea for pictures that could be associated with them? I would like the themes to be nature-y...I can make the images myself, I just need some inspiration! (Wow, I'm way over thinking this, aren't I? Well, you know how photographers are, haha) Any help is appreciated, if you happen to have some ideas. I know you folks are creative, after all... ;) Well, off to bed with me. Love and cheers, Heather . Michigan, USA . 00Or5z-42398284.jpg
  2. I doubt your clients care what you call them -- but that's just a guess. :)
  3. I use Silver, Gold, Platinum, just like Marriott Rewards does. Clients can identify with silver, gold, and platinum. Essentials may be subjective. Also, brides are already in the silver, gold, and platinum mindset as they are picking out wedding rings and color patterns for their wedding. And while it is not a metal, I can use Diamond if I choose to add a more expensive package. Once again, diamond is on the mind of the bride. Just my thought. Hope it helps.
  4. Also, I think most people know the value of silver, gold, and platinum (not the actual going price of an ounce but know that silver is less than gold). Who is to say a rose is better than a daisey? I know my girlfriend prefers daiseys to roses. I thought about naming my packages by cities (Paris, Rome, London) but would I offend a person of Italian decent if I put the Rome package as the cheapest option? Would I offend the Freedom Fry eating American public if I put Paris as my most expensive package? :) ok, I will shut up now. :)
  5. I use the Bronze, Silver, etc... I don't think you need to get too cute about the names. Don't believe it makes a difference to your clients. One imaginative studio here in the Great Lakes Region named each package after one of the five lakes. Lake Superior was the largest, then Lake Michigan, and so on.....
  6. I agree that the packages should have some progressive value in the naming and pricing. My packages in order are Classic, Premium, Ultra Premium, Classic Gold, Platinum, and Royal Velvet. Why Royal Velvet, I just pulled that one out of my four point of contact. If I had to add another one, I would have to break out my thinking cap. I skipped on silver for no apparent reason and opt for classic instead. When I ask my clients which package that decided on, they usually quote the price rather then the name. However, I always refer to the name so that it appears that I am not fixated on pricing and more concerned with their needs.
  7. I think it does matter what you name them. Just imagine yourself as the customer - "You know, we just can't decide between the ruby and the quartz package" - it gives off the feel of your business, of what you're doing, and more importantly, what they're getting.

    Also, I use names which are not incremental - why reinforce to someone they couldn't afford, or didn't want, the "uber mega platinum package with titanium trim" lol :)

    My names are "Beckton, Camden, Vista" - I keep them in alphabetical order so I can remember which price point each one is, lol - (low to high). The first two names I got from looking at the Tube map, and the last is part of a street name. Google Maps is a great place for finding cool names.
  8. We started with just Silver, Gold, and Platinum.
    When we started getting more and more requests for more elaborate packages we added and "Ultimate" and "Romance" packages on top of the other three.
    You can see how we set our packages and names on the following link:
    Almari Photography - Investment
  9. Heather - Please remember when uploading images to reduce the image to 511 pixels or less.
  10. I tried to use the KISS principle when naming packages.
    We have "Your Day" which is really our basic package,
    and the deluxe is "Soup to Nuts".
    But I really don't think it matters much to the client.
    Your could call them "A", "B", etc and it would be fine for them.
  11. I see nothing wrong with how you're planning to name them. Mine are silver, gold and platinum, in ascending order of price. Don't stress out too much on it. Diamond could be the uber-exclusive high-end one. As for illustration via icons and such, perhaps use some nice stylized fonts instead of graphical icons. Just my 2 cents.
    <p>Hooman, how about doing a "Peckham" package? ;)
  12. Your client won't care or remember, and naming packages only has a downside, no upside.
    At best they'll be ignored, at worst they'll be confusing, odd, or just weird.
  13. I go with Package I, Package II and Package III. Works for me and they don't sound cheesy.
  14. Peckham? touche! good one! lol
  15. One thing to remember is that every package name should have a positive connotation. Every bride wants to feel good about whatever package they select.
  16. Not sure about that Russ, I call my cheapest the 'Basic Package', it's my lowest selling package, almost everyone takes the next package up, they don't just want basic! Works for me.
  17. Actually Ben - that is a great way to help insure that people go with the more expensive package.

    Another thought is the concept of never buying the cheapest anything - whether it be a suit, a computer, or a wedding package. We find that most customers seem to focus on our middle package - not too cheap and not too expensive.
  18. l_e


    I am considering taking a different approach to naming packages. It has been my experience that grooms are often left out of the wedding decision making process. Fathers are some what more involved but usually only during the check writing part of the wedding. In order to appeal to men and put things in terms they understand I have renamed my packages as follows... Cup O'Noodles, Beer and Pizza, and the Hungryman. I actually have 4 packages but I dropped one because I couldn't decide on a universally understood name for it. Seriously, what meal comes between Cup O' Noodles and Beer and Pizza, or Beer and Pizza and the Hungryman? Maybe the All You Can Eat Buffet - but I worry it might be confused with A La Carte.

    I had considered fancier food names but everyone knows the fathers and grooms want to get the most for their money.

    L.E. Photography
  19. 1) Normal

    2) Exaggerated and costly

    3) No way, do people really pay you that?!
  20. I'm about to change mine to Paul, John, George, and then The Ringo,
    which will of course be my least expensive yet best seller.

  21. I'm with the non-named crowd. I discuss exactly what the B&G want/need and give them a price. Why try to fit them into some package when I should be providing them the exact service they want? Don't get me wrong, I do upsale as well.
  22. Thank you for the ideas, everyone! (Especially David W., that made my day haha!) I did just want to clear up this one point: I do recognize that what I name the packages will mean very little to my's more for my own satisfaction. Add, barring a "hungry man" package (once again, fabulous idea!), I want to choose names that I will feel happy with.

    This community is very supportive and I thank you for your help! Any more idea are warmly welcome. :)

  23. LE,

    How about Ham Sandwich or Hoagie between Cup and Beer & Pizza?? Totally entertaining!
  24. Here is my take. I don't think naming your packages is a good idea. Here are my reasons why. Because most everybody else does it. And you are trying to differentiate yourself from other people. The names could offend some people. It reminds certain people that they can't afford your top end packages. Certain names can sound cheesy and or tacky. If you look at low end wedding photographers, they all seem to name their packages with these kind of names. If you look at the high end photographers, You don't see many of them naming their packages. In fact, I don't think any high enders, name their packages. It's not classy or elegant. The way to do it, is to tell your potential client that you will work up a custom package that specifically meets their needs and goals. This does several things, it makes your customer feel special and that is what you want. It keeps you from being boxed in with a certain package. It makes it easier to increase your prices over time. You can factor in more variables and price accordingly. You can pre-qualify your customer as to what they can afford and price accordingly. I hope this helps. Remember, just because everyone else is doing it, doesn't mean you should. The same goes for how your market yourself and advertise and promote yourself. Good luck.
  25. Year British American <br>
    1st Paper Paper <br>
    2nd Cotton Cotton <br>
    3rd Leather Leather <br>
    4th Fruit, Flowers Linen, Silk <br>
    5th Wood Wood <br>
    6th Sugar Iron <br>
    7th Wool, Copper Wool, Copper <br>
    8th Bronze, Pottery Bronze <br>
    9th Pottery, Willow Pottery <br>
    10th Tin Tin, Aluminum <br>
    11th Steel Steel <br>
    12th Silk, Linen Silk <br>
    13th Lace Lace <br>
    14th Ivory Ivory <br>
    15th Crystal Crystal<br>
    16th Tungsten <br>
    17th Turquoise <br>
    18th Bismuth Bismuth <br>
    19th Bismuth or China <br>
    20th China China <br>
    25th Silver Silver <br>
    30th Pearl Pearl <br>
    35th Coral Coral, Jade<br>
    40th Ruby Ruby <br>
    45th Sapphire Sapphire<br>
    50th Gold Gold <br>
    55th Emerald Emerald <br>
    60th Diamond Diamond <br>
    65th Star Sapphire Star Sapphire <br>
    70th Platinum Platinum <br>
    75th Diamond Diamond <br>
    80th Oak Oak <br>
    90th Granite Granite <br>

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