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  1. Hello all,
    Appreciate any help you can offer. It is only a small matter, but I cannot think of the right answer. As of january I will be offering 3 packages to brides. (Up from just 1 with no name.)
    I need a name for these packages, but I think that names like: bronze, silver, gold, devaluate the base package. Who would buy bronze when I also offer silver and gold. Everybody wants gold, right, but not everybody can afford gold, therefore I have 3 packages in the first place. So some brides will move on, to somebody who offers their highest package at an affordable price.
    So I need a name, which doesn't scream there are 3 levels of service, mostly because there aren't.
    I find names such as pearl and diamant to be a bit too romantic for the market I am in,... Package I II and III are just a bit plain.
    Who can give me any pointers on this? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi Roeland... What do you think of "Sun" "Moon" "Star/s"
    If I'll get any further inspiration, I'll let you know.
  3. What makes you think that names "like: bronze, silver, gold, devaluate the base package"? They're very common and I believe the public can easily understand at a glance what they likely represent. Since you also don't like pearl, diamond, etc..., I suspect you're looking for something cute and/or creative. Here in the Great Lakes region, one studio used the names of each of the five Great Lakes for their packages.
    More important than cute names (IMO) is that the three levels do indeed mean that there are three levels of coverage and end-products while you represent that they all come with a stellar level of service. On one more note: I would suggest that you offer a minimum of four tiers of packages.
  4. If you really think you are going to turn clients away because of the name of your packages there is something wrong with your photography.
  5. When I did pacakges, I called them: Coach, Business, First and Private Jet.
  6. Cheap, MidRange and Expensive ?
  7. instead of bronze, perhaps silver (& gold and platinum)?
    or if you want to stay away from those, comprehensive/super comprehensive/all out?
    I would definitely stay away from cheesy stuff like moon/sun/stars (sorry Ronny) - sounds like a service you're offering to kids.
    I'd also stay away from Coach. After flying Coach (and especially if you've flown Business overseas), coach has a bit too much negative connotation to most.
    You could also do like George recommended, but perhaps opt out Cheap with Value.
    I think I like the 'comprehensive/super comprehensive/all out' the most though, I'll probably adopt it for myself in the future.
  8. I named mine like 'Friends' episodes...'The One with the Files', 'The basic album one', 'The big album one' and 'The One With Everything'. I figured that's what people would actually call them anyway!
  9. Nicola, I like that idea :)
  10. You need to read any of the books by Prof Robert Cialdini - and the Laws of Persuasion!
    What WILL happen is that if you offer three packages, you will sell more of the middle offering than anything else. So make sure that is the ONE that YOU want people to predominately buy. What you call them is less important, just don't go too cheesy, IMHO Silver, Gold and Platinum gets it about right. Nobody is going to feel bad ordering the Gold Package are they?
    Best of luck,
  11. Why not just offer one package? The one THEY design. Let the client pick and choose the products/services they want a la carte. I base my pricing on location and complexity of the event, size of the wedding party (large parties are harder to shoot/coordinate than small ones), and the package options they pick. All clients get online hosting/ordering (I make extra print sales that way).
  12. Josh - I Love your packages.. Very funny
    I agree with Jim Strutton. Very few picked my lower and I geared my middle to what I wanted to charge. I didn't have names, I just titled each package with the price. Kind of a no-nonsense approach. However Silver, Gold and Platinum is what I thought of as well before reading Jim's idea. Gold is in the middle and still has a feeling of not being a "cheap" package.
  13. No worries Jesse
  14. Why have packages?
    Why not find out what their budget is and then offer a proposal based on 10% of that budget?
    I think packages are so 20th century. Old school.
  15. I do exactly what Steve C. does and let them design there own package. It works out well for everyone and everyone gets what they want.
  16. The first slice should be your creative fee- whatever you think your time is worth for the travel, the shoot, and processing the results to go on line.
    The next slices should be albums, enlargements, and discs, depending on what they want.
    As the budget goes up, add more slices.
  17. I post a begining price only... then move from there to add-on's - however I am now thinking of changing it to sun - moon and stars...
    or big - bigger - biggist... but I guess no one wants to the be biggest bride....
    sorry I just hate the way the wedding business labels the packages - but that is just me..
  18. Thanks to all that replied with meaningfull answers. I'll think about silver-gold-platinum, didn't think about starting with silver instead of bronze, makes it sound better doesn't it.
    Comprehesive, super-comprehensive don't translate to Dutch. Good idea in English, not so in Dutch.
    I need packages because brides are shopping prices. Instead of creating one-offs for every bride with packages I show what price range I am in. I state specifically that every package can be adjusted to suit their needs and wants.
  19. I have two packages, Full Service and Wedding Day. Then I offer Extra Specials such as "The Digitals," The Prints," and "The iPod" for people who want to customize their keepables.
    But whatever you do, don't use words like "Below Wholesale," "Double Coupon Day," "Bargain Basement," or "Going Out Of Business Sale." : )
  20. Roeland- It's the low end of the market that shops for price. The high end shops for quality and service.
  21. I do find that a la carte pricing and customized packages help brides get exactly what they want, but for the price-conscious bride, it's especially helpful. They don't have to "eat the elephant all at one time". And I never include albums as part of the initial sale, it's always a separate transaction. Why? First of all, album manufacturers and their offerings change all the time, and a year from now, when I'm shooting their wedding, I may have decided to use a different album company because I like their offerings better. Plus, only when we have the final images can we get an idea of what will actually be required for their album design. Only then will we know how many page spreads are involved, the orientation of the album pages, and the way she wants it to look, all of which can affect the price. Albums can come in so many different variations and cover styles too, and a year before the wedding isn't the best time for a bride to be picking all that stuff out. That's just my thinking, anyway.
    I do give them the general price range most of my weddings run in, depending on event demands and package options.
  22. Thanks for the information. I am going to use packages to help 'educate' customers as to what to expect from me pricewise. They can derive my style and quality from my site, but whithout a price to quote them I am going to be inundated with brides who are shopping fro prices. This way they can get a quick look at my prices, know I am willing to work with them on the right package.
    This prevents me having to go to 200 brides and being too expensive in 50 % of the cases. This selection can now take place earlier in the process, without me investing a lot of time. That is what I want the pakages to do.
    So I want mid to high quality brides and their budgets, and my pricing is just one way to filter out the low budget bride. Quality of work and websites and referrals off course being the number 1, 2 and 3 most important.
  23. It sounds like you are trying to avoid personal contact when it should be the other way around.
    You can get the basic facts about when and where and how many guests fairly quickly on the phone.
    When they ask about price, ask about their budget. That is a fair exchange of information.
    Your minimum could be a reasonable creative fee for capturing the images. Then add albums and prints.
  24. Most of my brides come to me via my website and thus via email. They seldom add their phone number when enquiring after my prices. If a phone number is given, I off course phone them and try to arrange a meeting to show albums.
    When no phone number is supplied, I want to send my packages so brides shopping for price know whether I fit in their budget or not. No time wasted for me or them.
  25. My packages are named "The Essentials Package" "The Classic Package" and "The Elegance Package". Details are listed on my website and are also available via downloadable PDF and MSword doucments from my website, which I also attach during intitial e-mail correspondence.

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