Mystery PhotoShop Temp Files... where'd they come from? What's in 'em?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by twmeyer, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. I just noticed 3 different files on the 120 gig HD I use for image
    editing and temporary storage, it's where new files are held for
    editing before trnsferral to CD or DVD. These files are named
    Photoshop Temp15201, Photoshop Temp18714 and Photoshop Temp795956.
    They range in size from 127mb to 425mb. I can't open them and the
    properties info is minimal.<p>Does anyone know 1) how and why they
    were generated and 2) how can I see what's in them? <p>Thanks.. t
  2. My guess would be they are photoshop swap files that were not deleted properly when the program quit (i.e. if photoshop crashed or your computer crashed while photoshop was running)
  3. Are you on Mac? There was a known bug w/ older version of photoshop . I think 6.0 and with Mac OS9, multiple temp files keep getting made until your HD fills up! An upgrade on the version of PS or the OS would fix it. I just rescued a 'full' HD for a friend that this happened to. There were many gigs of temp files on the HD! Otherwise as previously posted, you can get these if you crash photoshop also.

    I occasionally do a search on my HD by 'size', looking for huge files bigger than 300 mb or so.
  4. Oh yeah, Rob! I haven't been in the studio in a week (car shopping and home renovation) so I'd forgotten the whole building lost power while I was layering big tif files... thanks! I'm going for the delete button on these mystery files (still, it's wierd that Photoshop won't open them when they're called Photoshop files. I guesss they're scrambled)... t
  5. Funnily enough photoshop wont read them I think it's because te file type is not associated as a known image format. But if you have an old version of ACDSEE 3 it can sometimes open these file, and yu can view the image, sometimes the are just *.psd file with a different extension. Doesn't work for all PS temp stuff though.
  6. Ok, I installed the CS3 package yesterday and I already have a 33,9 GB (!) single file named [Photoshop Temp673283616] on my Temp folder, jeez I'm deleting it right now

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