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  1. First the disclaimers: I have nothing to do with except as a customer. I offer no warranty that your results will be the same as mine. My final results with were positive but there are examples on PN of rather negative results. As an example, I point you to this thread. I read this thread before I used MyPublisher but I had recently seen a friend's book and was quite impressed. I understand I took a gamble given my path to getting my book. A $60 gamble I was willing to take.
    I calibrated my monitor before I did any image processing for my book. It had been a while.
    Once I decided to use MP, I downloaded their software, mypublisher bookmaker 1.7, and began trying to build my book. I wanted complete control over each page so I set the book up as the "Just Photos" theme and used the "One Photo per Page", full bleed template. MP does offer a variety of page templates but building each page from scratch seemed much more appealing. I quickly ran into big problems.
    I set up a PhotoShop template based on the page dimensions given in their online help. Unfortunately, every time I looked at a page with the software's preview function the clipping was all over the place. I sent an email to their customer support asking what the exact page dimensions are for the Classic Hardcover book. They responded quickly. Their response included the following text: "...The Hardcover page dimensions are approximately 10.75 inches wide by 8.5 inches high...". These dimensions do not match their online help nor does the aspect ratio. I built another PhotoShop template with these dimensions. Still, I wasn't entirely sure I understood how the pages would be clipped. I was uneasy given the feedback I'd seen on PN. It would have been so much easier if MyPublisher gave template PS documents to work with.
    I ended up creating a PhotoShop template with the following characteristics: 10.75 inches by 8.5 inches, 180 dpi, Adobe RGB 1998 colorspace. In this template I created a 30% opacity layer showing me a half-inch border (clipping region) around the entire perimeter. I used this template for each page of the document placing pictures on separate layers and moving the edge of the pictures up against the clipping region border. To finalize each page I deleted the clipping region layer, flattened the image, and saved it as the highest quality JPG. For pages I wanted to be full bleed, I ignored the clipping region. I made sure the image filled the entire PS document.
    Anyway, the bottom line, and the reason for my post, I've included the PhotoShop template here if anyone else may find it useful. It's zipped because the unzipped version is 448k, too big for a PN upload and unnecessary given the zipped size (6k). Again, no gaurantee. It would have saved me some time though.
  2. Here's a partial picture of the resultant pages.
  3. I think it's wise to consider a purchase from as a gamble. Unfortunately, I lost when I made that gamble (explained in some detail in this thread). An addendum to that thread: I later had prints made from the same image files I submitted to mypublisher, changing only the sizing, but not changing colors/curves/etc. Contrary to mypublisher's claims, there was nothing wrong with my files--the prints I had made looked fine.
    Keep in mind that if you are not satisfied with the quality of the books from, they will deny any responsibility and refuse to honor their guarantee.
  4. You'll notice, Mike, I had already included a link to your thread. I'm just looking to help anyone who has made the decision to use them.
  5. are you for real?

    they give you crystal clear instructions on what to do...including how much bleed, dpi,
    color space, etc etc.

    whats all the hub bub bub?

    However, i would not order anything from a company that would not proof my order for
    me. actually expect them proofread and color check your work for you? Is
    that a joke?
  6. Jamie, oops! Didn't check the link before I posted. My mistake.
    they give you crystal clear instructions on what to do...including how much bleed, dpi, color space, etc etc.
    whats all the hub bub bub?

    The problem was that, even following their instructions, and even checking everything carefully in their preview software, the edges and text were chopped off on many pages and the color and tones were butchered throughout. I'm not blaming for not proofreading my copy or for not "fixing" my work. I'm saying that their guarantee is meaningless: they will not accept any responsibility for producing a faulty product. I checked my images on several different computers (including one with a calibrated monitor) and I had prints made from the same files--the problem was not with the source files, but with mypublisher's printing.
  7. Steven, I guess the "are you for real?" is intended for me. The instructions worked for you. That's great. I'm happy for you. Of course, I'm also assuming you did actually use the service.

    The point I was trying to make is that if you want to lay out multiple pictures onto a full bleed page the dimensions they give you are questionable. I found this frustrating.

    But again, you are happy with what they provide and, again, that's great. Hardly seems worth being so insulting. Me, I just move on to the next thread if I don't find the one I'm reading useful.

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