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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by G-P, Mar 7, 2017.

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    Quick Update: Member Center has a new section called MySettings, and this is the first of many updates coming.

    Coming soon to this section are: Social Sharing Buttons (off/on), Profile Page Layout customization, Photo background color customization Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 5.18.11 PM.png
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  2. What I don't see here is the ability to stop being a registered user (deregister?} and I'm not being funny. I have already joined alternative forums out of frustration and would prefer the owners of this site became aware of the numbers of people leaving rather than people just not bothering to log on anymore. Glenn please don't take this personally but I am serious, can one register but not deregister?
  3. Mark, can you recommend a few alternative sites?
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    Change your name in the section highlighted in this thread - we do not delete accounts per our Terms and Conditions you agreed to when you signed up. Short answer as to why we don't delete accounts - if we deleted the account, the flow of the conversations that account contributed to would be compromised. Change your name, delete you photos. Sorry to see you go.
  5. Thank you Glenn for that explanation, that makes sense.
    I now cannot work out how to delete my photographs, could you help please, it is not at all obvious to me.....really, I tried looking everywhere, but with a forum search that basically produces 'no results found' for all my searches I am getting nowhere.
    I will change my details as suggested after I have answered a few peoples questions, but I have to ask how come in my account settings page it says I live in Australia but on my account page it says I'm American....I really don't want to been seen as from the land of Trump when I'm an Englishman living in Oz.
    Thank you for your help in this, I really do feel a lot of sympathy for your position in being the public face of sorting this shambles out a month after rollout, I hope they give you a good holiday when it's all sorted, well you can dream...
  6. Sanford, I am loath to recommend alternatives not knowing your areas of interest, and I kind of figure this site has enough problems without me encouraging people to go elsewhere...............
  7. allow me to complete the dots above

    elsewhere ....... the question asked also being the ultimate in bad manners, lack of empathy and disrespect.
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  8. The account pqge can only be viewed by you and site administers.

    The "Location" field in your public profile is what others see.

    For example, click on my avatar. It says "Québec, Canada". My account settings say "Qu-bec, U.S.A." Because that page will not accepted accented letters or any other country.
  9. Look, this is getting really silly, I can now delete my photographs but when I edit my account settings and click on 'save contact info' it says saving but never stops saying that and never does actually save - another bug? Also tried changing things in My Account and that won't save either - another bug?
  10. I can't get email updates, only alerts. Also, I can't get alerts on threads I want to follow but haven't participated in.
  11. I don't think I have a location field in my public I special cuz I don't have one, or am I special cuz I can't see it?
  12. I know this has probably been answered a number of times...but at the risk of being redundant, how do I direct someone (clients/friends) with a link to a specific folder/gallery within my library, and to my library, itself? I've searched the forums but I've not been able to find the answer. Thanks, in advance!
  13. Check out this thread: (link)
    (and I'm not surprised you weren't able to find the thread using the search window. I often have to feed in several keywords before one works)
  14. Thanks, Leslie! Now, any idea why my images in each gallery appear randomly instead of chronologically?
  15. Your profile info comes from you entries on your "Personal Details" data entry fields.

    Be sure you are logged in and then use the following link

    Also, be sure your privacy settings allow all members to view your profile details.
  16. DrBen; Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately that link leads to an error:
    "You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action"
    Maybe I'm only 'partially logged in', or something. I really don't care, was just curious
  17. Mark, I'm among those who have not been very active the last weeks (months?) but mostly because I feel I have contributed so many times during the last years in trying to make Photonet even better.
    I admire the efforts Glenn and his team is putting into this PN 2, but I will come back when it has settled and hope, then, to find a streamlined Photonet which permits its members to share. I like the general outline of the site, as I see it now.
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    Update 3/16

    Show / Hide Share buttons Gallery / Profile / Photo by user preference





    Custom light dark themes to Gallery / Profile / Photo







  19. Perhaps, John, but knowing Sanford's work and knowing that he has been here since 1999, I did not take this as notice of his leaving, much less as a general expression of disrespect. I belong to more than one site, and I know quite a few people who do. We have even discussed other sites at times on the Casual Photos forum, if I am not mistaken.

  20. Lannie, I have long corresponded with you and I do not think of you as one of those that consider argument a sport, alike some of our comrades that you have encountered first hand in these columns. There are times when one has to stand up and say something. Let me just say that I consider it of questionable taste when threatening to leave, to ask someone in this thread what other sites he may recommend. It's not only a question of respect, which is lacking in my view, but of plain decency. Others have the right to disagree.
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