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  1. ...Which I love ;)
  2. Are you a dealer or do you just really, really like older cameras?
  3. I didn't know that there were so many Chinese cameras. ;)
    Nice room.
  4. I am working at the Lapidarium antique store, full of fine art and other beautiful items.
  5. Maciek,
    Thanks for the view. It looks like you have died and gone to heaven. :)
    I see one of the cameras seems to be winking at you. ...second row from the top, next to the Polaroid.
  6. dream room:)....btw, I also like your display cases...small, elegant and not bulky at all. The smaller/shorter one on the right in particular. Any suggestions on where can I find similar?
  7. ...and right smack in the middle (almost) is a Topcon Super D (I think!), oh yeah!
  8. oh man...I would LOVE to work in a place like that!

    I have this urge to grab one of those 8mm movie cameras on the corner top shelf and wind it up :D
  9. That all looks incredibly cosy and gentleman-photographer-like... All I'd need would be a velvet smoking jacket and a fragrant pipe. Great-looking collection, Maciek.
  10. Mr Jack, I'm fine. They all winking at me and I am wnking at them ;) When I started I was working for peanuts but my camera collection grew up really quick:)
    @ Krassi: Somewhere in Poland, for shure:)
    @ Dennis: You have a good eye:)
    @ Chris: These are very different but excellent cameras, It's 2/3rd of the whole collection:)
    @ Rick: Thank You :)
  11. Ooooh, mummy....lolly shop!
  12. Beautiful.
    I think I saw the shop display when I was walking in Warsaw's Old City last time, but I did not realize there were so many old cameras inside... now I have a reason to step in the next time I'm there!
    Bardzo pięknie to wygląda!
  13. I'm not sure how much work I'd get done with that lot around!
  14. Wow! You got bit bad!
  15. Adam, You are very welcome to visit us at Lapidarium :)
    H.P. Thanks. What's the camera on the left? Lens looks beautiful!
    Yeah, at the begining it was hard to concentrate... (I was staring at tomato juice for one hour
    because it says Concentrate :)
  16. Here's my workplace..........not the place to be if you are claustophobic, but it is a full B&W and color darkroom.
  17. At least you can do your darkroom work at your convenience.
  18. What a Workplace ! I wouldn't mind being your assistant Maciek .. Cheers ! Paul

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