My Top Ten, Indian-themed

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by preston_merchant, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. Here's my submission. Enjoy.


  2. Certain charm to it..thx Preston. Love that wedding shot!
  3. I certainly have no objection to the Indian-themed pix; in fact, most of them are quite
    good. I understood, however, that the pix were supposed to be taken with Leica
    equipment. Preston, all of your Top Ten were (per your own description) taken with
    either Canon or Olympus equipment. Did I get it wrong?
  4. Lovely stuff Preston, it's nice to see you participate. I like the color photos the best (particularly two through five), although Rameswaram is also very nice. Look forward to seeing more, hopefully. My regards---Drew.
  5. Nice... especially the water park photo.
  6. Yes, Jim. Guilty as charged.
  7. OK, I got it wrong. Sorry. It must be the Leica Forum where only pix made with Leica equipment are allowed. After all, that forum is sponsored by Leica. So, it would be OK for me to post my Leica Digilux 1 pix on this forum? Or, maybe I could buy a scanner and post some of my Nikon (gasp!) photos here? Say, why does call this forum "Leica Photography" anyway?
  8. Jim, despite the name, this forum has always been pretty ecumenical. It's not accurate to say that Leica "sponsors" (as in pays for) this group--it's a forum for Leica camera enthusiasts and those interested in Leica photography as a poorly named and loosely defined genre. We take it here to mean humanist-leaning, fairly traditional street and documentary photography. It's always up for debate, and you're right it doesn't make too much sense to post pictures shot by Canon equipment as examples of "Leica Photography"--but we do.

    The photos here often include other rangefinders like the Bessa R, with or without M lenses, plus Leica R equipment, some of which was made by Minolta. Then there's the Canon screw-mount rangefinder, which some people here use. So, "Leica Photography" is a pretty big tent anyway.
  9. heh... I don't even own a Leica.
  10. Nice photos! I like the wedding pics a lot!


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