my site is slow, cant figure out why

Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by kevin_b.|2, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. My website is hosted by Zenfolio. However my direction service that leads to it is
    I can't figure out why my site is sooo slow sometimes. Like dial up slow. Is it Zenfolio or Anyone know how i can figure it out?
  2. Spearhead

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    Where's the site? Hard to tell without the ability to look at what's going on with it.
  4. Seems fine to me.
  5. Seems to be fine here on the west coast at 08:00 AM local time.
    Sounds like a problem at your end.
  6. Loaded in a few seconds for me (West coast) about 8:40 am PDT. Check your connection speed (a good place to test is Speedtest).
  7. Loaded in about 5 seconds the first time here in San Jose, Costa Rica, noon EST. But of course I am on a T3 at work. I will try on my home computer tonight using 1 mbps.
  8. Yeah, once there's a website to look at it seems to load fine here. I like the layout and I don't see anything about it that would be bandwidth hungry. Simple, straight forward, professional looking.
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    Loads fast for me too, maybe you should try it from a different location.
  10. Even at work, locally it sometimes is really slow. Also when I log in to change anything, thats when it really bogs down.
    I might just have to try undoing the forward site hover. and test it independently.
    thanks to all who tested the connection.
  11. What sort of place do you work at? We've got so many firewalls and server issues @ work, I was getting faster loads back in the 90s with my WebTV. Bad place to check your site speed.
  12. Seems it might be your service? Or some other heinous internet(s) thing. Loads fine here on my iMac running 10.5.8 I'm with Zenfolio and have been very happy with the results.
  13. Loads fine here. Have you checked out your connection speeds Kevin. Nifty speedchecker available at
  14. Ok, it took 6.27 sec on it's first load for me. Way too slow.
    The biggest offenders are layout.js (2.4s), embedded.swf(1.5s), and your first image (4.7s).
    I haven't had a look at layout.js but by the sounds of it they're using javascript to layout your page. Which is odd and probably unnecessary. The flash SWF file is always going to be a bit of a slowdown but in this case isn't the biggest offender.
    But by far the biggest offender is the first image at 4.71 seconds. You should resize this to exactly the dimensions it needs to be and no more. I also noticed that this doesn't begin loading until quite late, probably again to do with flash. Probably not much you can do there.
    I'm not sure what control you have but I'd definitely look to the images and whatever else you can control.
    And this was only one time so it might vary, but it was noticeably slow.
    -Barry Hennessy.
  15. You don't have to disable domain forwarding at your registrar in order to go directly to your zenfolio site. You can go directly by typing in an address in the form of, where xxxx is the name of the site you set up when you signed on to Zenfolio.
  16. Quick here in Europe at around 10pm, site loads snappy and clean to me.
    Nice pics too!

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