My sexy camera pick, what is yours?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by ike k, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Folks,

    Put aside all the features on the camera what is your choice of camera based on design
    that considered to be sexy? my pick and choices are Leica MP, Rollei TLRs 2.8/3.5F,
    Olympus E-1 and the upcoming Panasonic DMC-L1. But if I have to choose only one from
    the above mine would be the E-1.
  2. The Leica Limited Edition Hermes MV (M Viagra).
  3. Pentax 110 SLR.
  4. Leica IIIg, Nikonos II
  5. The Rollei 35<br>
    the Pentax 67<br>
    and the Leica IIIf R/D S/T
  6. do all your wives know what you get up to on the net? :)
  7. Leica MP LHSA 1968-2003 Hammertone kit...
  8. Never really thought about cameras being sexy (but I guess it depends on who is holding them). But if I did, any of the Olympus OM series (1, 2, 3, or 4) in black. The OM4Ti is would probably be the sexiest of them all. Plus, they just feel nice!

    I guess you could say the Olympus Pen FT is pretty hot too.

    Not sexy? Busch Pressman (especially with a flash), Argus C3.
  9. Camera sexy? Sad, if you're serious.
  10. gib


    well, in context, I would suppose David Hemmings wielding a Nikon F in the movie BLOW UP probably set the initial standard. Veruschka helped out a bit.
  11. Any camera that hung around Robert Capra's neck is sexy by association. Too bad we can't ask Ingrid Bergman, etc to validate the answer.
  12. i don't look at my camera that way, Ike. Susan Stone, yes.
  13. "Leica MP LHSA 1968-2003 Hammertone kit..."

    1. Cameras can't be "sexy."

    2. That's one ugly camera.
  14. "Leica MP LHSA 1968-2003 Hammertone kit..."
    1. Cameras can't be "sexy."

    2. That's one ugly camera.

    "De gustibus non disputandum est"...
  15. It's kinda silly attributing "sexy" qualities to a utilitarian tool such as a Leica, but since it's appropriate to answer a silly question with a silly answer, the black Leica II with a Summar would be my first choice. Then if a 6x6 is considered the simple practicality of the old Voigtlander "Superb" would blow the film out of any of the other TLR's.
  16. POOPS! Try again
  17. It is a well known fact that cameras indeed can be very sexy! Especially the mechanical
    ones. But that will continue to be a secret among the people who know.
    One thing that some day soon WILL become well known at a general level is how sexy it is
    to combine digital SLRs with classical MF lenses. THINK ABOUT IT.
    Welcome to Nikonland.
  18. The rangefinderforum did head to head competition/survey, recently. I think they came up with the MP and the M3. I personally like the M3 in chrome.
  19. It is a well known fact that cameras indeed can be very sexy! Especially the mechanical ones. But that will continue to be a secret among the people who know.One can only hope so. And with that, it's off to bed, praying not to have a erotic dream about a camera, and failing that, to merficully not remember it in the morning.
  20. Rolleiflex. One with that double-cupped, black lens cover. That breathless moment as you
    uncover the two big lenses, that stare boldly back at you, daring you to use them as they
    deserve. Are you man enough....? ROFL....
  21. My sexy camera pick...
  22. Fuji G690, because everyone knows size matters...
  23. Black Leica M4, 50mm Tabbed Summicron, and 12585 Hood. Simple, elegant, efficient, smooth as silk, sharp as a razor. Lovely top plate. Yum!
  24. Kodak Bantam Special. What a sexy camera!
  27. For pure sex I nominate LeicaIIIf RD/ST with 50/2.8 Elmar and a Leica 50mm finder on top, it just does not get any better than that.

  28. Leica IIIf RD without the ST
  29. Or this...
  30. khi


    Now there's one sexy camera
  31. Itek.
  33. Sure, it starts innocently enough with talk of sexy cameras. Then one thing leads to another and you guys will be engaged in towel snapping and comparing telephotos.
  34. Randy Smith's new white Holga Ice. (^O^)
  35. ky2


  36. Todd, I think Randy's stuff is great (I have one of his Black Mods) but with the "Holga Ice" at $49.95 I think he is stepping into Leica territory :)
  37. Yaron, I'll bet you've been keeping that ad just for this occasion! ;>)
  38. Cosina, that IS a bit pricy, but I'm sure it will appreciate in value over the years and will make a great addition to your Plastic Fantastic collection!

    Actually, the Holga factory introduced an all white version, (not sold in the USA), but since they adapted (stole) many of his modifications, and one of mine, in their new 120N model, Randy came out with a white and black version he called the "Holga Ice." Turn about is fair play! I like his black on white version much more than the Chinese all white "snow" model.

    Look here, and scroll down a bit. I have a small, but expanding, gallery on the Holgamods site.

    Holgas are fun.
  39. My 1934 Rollei Standard Model III
  40. Trevor, that ALPA sure is a sexy one hell of camera!!! :)
  41. But on second thought this one is seexxyyy... :D
  42. Voigtlander Vito III
  43. Yaron wins this contest by a long shot...
  44. ALPA also.
  45. ""De gustibus non disputandum est"..."

    Agreed, Luigi...Cameras are like girlfriends, I guess. If you think she's beautiful, that's all
    that matters. ;-)
  46. I have a Linhof Kardon Color,M6, Hexar RF, Hassy 501 and Olympus E-1. (and some tothers that do not qualify: Canon stuff)

    My list would be: tip top Hexar RF (or maybe a black MP) , Hassy V-series (probably the flexbody) on top.

    The least sexy camera would be a huge SLR with huge lenses. (So the hassy would stop being sexy if it got a lot of lenses)

    Regarding the E-1. There are two thing I do not like about it: the viewfinder is too small (but the eye relief is good), and it does not have a small 25mm (i.e. 50mm in 35mm speak)....and well, I take nicer pictures with rangefinders and the hassy, but that is not the cameras fault.
  47. I love the old Loewy designs.
  48. The Minox B seems to be my sleekest camera, and the one that chicks seem to think is the
    'cutest', but I don't know if I find any manufactured product sexy.
  49. then there is always this
  50. OCULUS New York

    OCULUS New York Still shooting, but posting less here.

    Nobody's mentioned L-O-N-G lenses, and how popular they were on 35s back in the (groan) 70s. Now, everything is P&S and compact is the goal.

    There's something about an SL2 with 400 and a shoulder brace...isn't there?

    Ray Hull
  51. I like the Argus that looked like a brick. That's all my dad stuck in our face while we were growing up. But if we are opening the closet on our alt.sexycamera desires, I kinda like, erm, that recent flat black tiny kodak digital with the schneider krenznach zoom lens, the Easy Share V550. 5 megapixels of tease. But it's a downward spiral. My wife got a black and decker iron that looks like an Apple computer from a few years ago and I've been ironing my shirts a lot lately. help.
  52. rj


    There was an article in ViewCamera magazine covering large format cameras that Butch Welch made, THOSE are sexy cameras.
  53. Wide angle Rollei

    Canon Dial 2

    Pen FT black

    111F+coll. Summicron

    CL+35mm pre-aspheric 35mm Summilux


    Hasselblad V cameras

    Alpa wide angle

  54. One of those chrome Hasselblad 500s from the 1960s or 1970s.
  55. Nikonos V with the 15mm lens.
  56. nice only:->
  57. Maybe someone should define what a sexy camera actually means. If a Canon is sexy, does this mean that other Canon camera are attracted to it? Could this be a case of "weirdo-ness"? Is someone puffing the magic dragon?
  58. Kevin, good you agree on "de gustibus" matter..................
    Having said that, Gary I have an MP LHSA Kit that I would gladly trade in for your "Xpanxcite"
    -complete with blonde- kit... it's sexier than all Leicas I own and I know of... De gustibus de
  59. I vote for Yaron Kidron and Gary Williams (not for cameras, of course...). My first sexy camera are a youthful dream Topcon Super DM (i never own). My personal sexy cameras are Leica MP and M5 (that i own both) and Nikon F2A, Nikkormat FT3 and FM3A, my current SLR 35 mm gears.

    Vincenzo Maielli Italy

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