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  1. It shows all my pics in my camera but when I transfer to my computer The images are not there. I've tried it on 3 different computers.I'm new at this and I let my daughter borrow my camera and she must have changed some settings in my camera . I hope there is some help because I really don't want to lose theses pics.
    Thanks Dee
  2. It's hard to answer this online. Your best bet is to find a friend who has a computer and see if they can get the pictures. Most likely they have been saved to a different directory on the memory card. More than that I can't say without being there to see what is happening.
  3. You need to explain more:
    'transfer to computer' - how did you do this ? What exactly did you transfer ?
    'images not there' - are the image files present on the computer and blank, or not even listed ?
    Also what type of camera is it ? What type of computer is it ?
    It's not really possible to answer your question without such details..
  4. Are you shooting raw or jpg?

    When you say not there, where is "there". (What folder are you looking in)
  5. Are you using a usb cable or are you using a card reader? I cannot transfer images from my camera to my computer using a usb cable. I can't remember what response my editing program gives. I think it usually reads, cannot get images from the device or cannont connect to device..... something like that. I went to radio shack and purchased a cheap card reader (around 15 bucks) and it works great. I have not had any problems since then.
  6. SD-HC cards cannot be read in SD readers...check your computer documentation
  7. Are you accessing the correct computer drive? You have multiple removable media drives and if you have another one in
    use you may be looking at it instead.
  8. @ Ed Avis,
    He already stated that he tried it on three different computers, but I agree with the rest that unless he chimes back in with a 'lil more info we can't do nothin' for the situation. There wasn't any mention of camera model, file type used, no mention of computer type or operating system, no mention of file transfer method or storage device. Simply way too many variables here. :p
  9. "He" (the OP) is a she, Aaron..!

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