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Discussion in 'Street and Documentary' started by Ian Rance, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. I have created two new gallery folders, and as they are rather 'different' I
    thought I would mention it to those who may be interested in the offbeat.

    First up is 'The blocked Drains of Hemel Hempstead':

    which shows the sorry state of affairs of the road draianage system in Hemel
    Hempstead, UK. Each blocked drain is subtly different, and here I have only
    concentrated on the 'permanent' blockages. These drains have been blocked for
    many, many years...

    Secondly is 'The overgrown pavements of Hemel Hempstead' which shows how poor
    the pedestrian walkways of my home town have become. So many people drive
    everywhere now, that these go unseen by the masses, leaving just the non-car
    owners to traverse these dismal routes.

    How bad will they become? I hope to keep tabs on these and any new areas that
    topple into the unpredictable situation of urban decay.

    Please click on 'details' for a lowdown on each photo.

    Ian, UK
  2. Greetings from LA

    Ian - I like the idea of both of your series -- you might want to take a look at the work of
    Ernest Hass or Atget, to see how they used every day urban items to tell a story.


  3. Cool work. Check out some of Roy Arden's work. He was featured in Blind Spot, issue 34.
    Here's a link to one of his many gutter photos...
    Here's another one .
    ... and one more
    My wife got me a subscription to Blind Spot earlier this year. It's really out there. Some of the stuff is really cool, some stuff I just don't get until I've looked at it for a while, and some I just don't get at all... but it's always an adventure in seeing.
  4. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

    Do you expect to effect any change in these conditions. If so, how.
    I've been thinking about a few projects of my own and am looking into how I might promote them.
  5. I keep thinking of doing something like this in my hometown. often wander where my tax dollars go very nice shots there Gent
  6. Thanks for the replies. Ray, you ask if I expect to effect any change. Well that would be expecting too much I am afraid. Last year I notified the authorites responsible about these and other matters and they chose to do nothing. I am very much 'aware' of my surroundings as I walk, and perhaps I am too sensitive, but talking to my fellow townsfolk they do not notice this decay occuring around them - they are wrapped up with trivialities (TV, shopping sprees, drinking to excess) to actually SEE any more. This slightly angers me, but getting out and recording and sharing these sights is at least recognition of the fact that the problems exists.

    Ian, UK
  7. Hi Ian,

    My partner is ALWAYS taking the mickey out of me for my slightly 'out-there' (and normally) abstract shots I take...I am going to show her these to highlight the fact I am not the only one!

    cheers Steve.M. (West Mids UK)

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