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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by eric_., Jun 28, 2002.

  1. Hello forum,<br>
    Seems that my last post in which I asked attention for an eBay
    auction caused a whole discussion again on a topic we dealt with
    before. I admit that I made a mistake and that the header should
    have said FA instead of FS. As the regular readers of this forum
    know, I have been a regular contributor to this forum and not only
    with commercial postings. For the past months I have shared
    experiences and opinions (and gear) and I have been happy with it.
    Now I get flamed for a mistake. I bought and sold gear to my
    satisfaction and to the satisfaction of the people that bought from
    me. I regret to see that according to some I have gone too far in
    asking attention for an auction. The reason is that I simply forgot
    to offer it here first, but as the item is near mint it may be of
    interest to some of the readers. That´s the only reason for putting
    it here after starting the auction. I am not interested in making a
    few dollars more for a tripod. People that think so are probably
    looking in a mirror and projecting things.<br>
    Anyway, I won´t do this again. I don´t want to waste other people´s
    time as I received even private email about this. For a table tripod
    of 60 bucks....geez.

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