My POW comment disappeared!

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by dale m, May 26, 2007.

  1. Did I do something wrong? Or is it a technical glitch?
  2. Hard to know. What was your comment? The POW moderators are pretty strict about keeping things on topic regarding the POW.

    Feel free to contact me at if you would rather discuss privately.
  3. Dale - I don't personally remember if/why I deleted your comment.

    Many people, however, do not realize that the POW is a critique only forum. There are guidelines/rules. You can find them by clicking on the Photograph of the Week "forum" rather than clicking on the photo that is featured.

    Here are some of the reasons for edits and deletes:

    1) Short congratulatory comment with no critique

    2) Short negative comment with no critique

    3) Comment regarding the fact that you agree or disagree that the image was chosen as the POW with no critique.

    4) Critique but a comment that the POW is not worthy. (edited to delete the comment about worthiness because the POW is not a contest but an image chosen simply for discussion)

    5) People that start an lengthy argument to prove their opinion not allowing for other opinions basically hijacking the thread.

    6) off topic content

    7) discussions starts going into political or religious content

    8) personal attacks on the photographer/elves or other members

    9) links or images that have nothing to do with the POW

    10) Statements that Photoshopped images are not photographs ;-)

    Normally when I delete a comment I write a short note with the reason. Sometimes the email address is not valid and sometimes I guess it gets caught up in the spam filter. If I have to delete a large number of comments I sometimes don't have time to write to everyone and do a bulk delete. All forums have a forum moderator listed... Please always feel free to write to us with questions.

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