my photo wasn't be in the top photo : ((

Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by carlierchristophe, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. I don't anderstand why this photo : don't appear in the gallery Top
    new Photo. If anyone can explain this problem?

    Thanks a lot,

  2. Try the various search parameters. It'll be in there somewhere.
  3. WJT

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    Not that my opinion really matters but there are already quite a few photographs like this in the Gallery. Comparing yours to those, why do you feel it should be on the top page? Regards.
  4. WJT

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    By the way, you have great looking portfolio! Regards.
  5. "Submitted: 20-Jul-08 17:21"

    There's your answer. You submitted for critique on August 6, but uploaded to your gallery on July 20. Because of (I can only assume) an odd "quirk" in how the code was originally written for the "Top Photos" gallery, the system uses the *upload* date for the Timeframe: sort options, not the date you submitted the photo for ratings.

    So if your photo is there, it will only be in the "Past Month" or older sorts.
  6. Great photoshop ability. The pictures look all so photoshopped to be from another planet: unreal, spiffed up and decidedly ugly
    compared to what I can see on earth.

    Reality is beautiful enough for me; your palette of colors and so forth hurts my eyes. Sorry, not top 10,000 for me.

    Now for digital art they may have customers and admirers, but I am a photographer, not a digital painter ... To each his/her
  7. What's that noise? Oh, it's the sound of all the air being sucked out of the room.

    Tim Conway said it best: Fnorgn.
  8. I'm reminded of a local photographer who claims to be the best in the state. Well, such is his claim.

    I agree with others here. I see a lot of photos like yours. It's been done... and done again... and well overdone.
  9. neither are mine. the masterpieces they are!
  10. Photography is a subjective art. I think every photo I shoot should be the Gallery top new photo. But the judges don't agree with me. Well, what so they know.
  11. How in the world do so many (even PN veterans) people give that beautiful photo a '7' on originality?

    Aesthetic, yes, but original? Hardly.
  12. Christophe-- If it helps, your photo is in my Favorite Images folder! With astrophotography as my specialty, I learned long ago that not everyone can appreciate what you do. I shoot for myself and "let the chips fall where they may..." Cheers!
  13. one of my local hairdresser is the best in the world. it says so in the chain of four barbers he owns.

    perpendicular, who is this tim conway?
  14. Christophe - the image you are referring to is beautiful. When I see a great landscape image it makes me wish I could have been there too.

    But as far as whether it surfaces to the top of is not worth stressing over. There have been quite a few recent complaints here that amount to "Why doesn't anyone notice me?".

    Well, there are too many images for everyone to get noticed.

    If a photographer wants to get noticed, he/she has to find buyers and get to work selling.
  15. Starvy, Tim Conway is an American comedian known for his ad libs, impromptu departures from script and character and self-effacing nature. Unfortunately I can't think offhand of his doppelganger in the UK, tho' I'm sure one exists.

    "Fnorgn" (what's the sound of Siamese elephants joined at the trunk?) is something of a meme, tho' it predates the term if not the concept. I use the term to describe senseless noise that parodies itself.
  16. Questioner’s assumption: a high rating should place a photo in top new photos. And question is why it did not happen? <P>

    Five people responded negative to picture.<P>
    One discussed flaws of ratings<P>
    Two felt it was good picture<P>
    One suggested search differently as it may be there.<P>
    One gave a possible answer why it could not be there. <P>
    One thought it a busy place and everyone just can’t be there. <P>
    One commented on someone’s comment <P>
    One explained his own comment<P>

    Question however remains unanswered.<P>
  17. You missed Michael's comment, which explains why certain photos don't show up in certain gallery displays. Yes, the system is confusing. But the question was answered.
  18. This is one of the funniest posts I have read in a long time. Mr. Carlier, welcome to PN. This is the meat grinder, the Thunder Dome. I agree with Eric, "if you want to get noticed, find a buyer and get to work selling." These are photographers who have seen it all. In other words, it's a tough crowd.....Oh, and of course what Lex said :)

    Hang loose,

  19. i have seen your photo in Top search, it's there try again with different parameters you will find :)
  20. here is easy solution for you, please use these parameters, your photo is currently at page# 3<br>
    Photo Category: Landscape<br>
    Timeframe: Past Month<br>
    Sort By: All Rating (SUM)<br>
    enjoy !<br>

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