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  1. Afternoon all,

    Okay after shopping around for printers I decided to at least try and get one of the ones I already have back into action. It's an Epson Pro 2200 that has been sitting idle for a while. Not good for it I know and it's relatively old tech but for what I paid for it at the time I figure it is worth a go and besides, it produced good prints. I've replaced all the ink cartridges and have run several cleanings through it. The yellow seems to be not wanting to work, a common problem I gather. The others seem to be fine but yellow is getting nowhere. The ink I installed is not new but was still sealed in original packaging and as far as I know, properly stored. Is there another step I can take to cleaning this thing up or am I faced with buying new ink cartridges and hoping for the best? This was never a low budget printer to operate and that's fine but I don't want to simply waste money. Has anyone else run into this kind of problem? Thanks.

    Rick H.
  2. Try saturating a piece of lint-free tissue with windex and parking the print head over it for a couple of hours. That worked for me a couple of times, but eventually the yellow head was totally clogged and I got rid of the printer. The 2200 makes great prints, but drinks ink like a sailor drinks beer.
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  4. Absolutely fascinating! Or maybe its just scary what turns me on these days...anyway I used that link from Sandy and tried the Windex method soaking the parking pad. I didn't even know what that was until tonight and now I have ink on my fingers. Directions say to leave it without power overnight so we'll see tomorrow what happens. Thanks everyone!!

    Rick H.
  5. I don't know if this will be helpful, but when my old 1160 clogged I removed the offending cart, filled a child's ear syringe with windex and ith e syringe tipwould fit nice and snug over the nipple where the cart attached. I'd leave it there for a while to soak, then force the windex through by force. That always worked for me.
  6. I used some of the tips in the link Sandy provided and soaked the ink pad with water and window cleaner. Worked a little bit. I'll try Micheal's idea or else drop the A bomb and go with the third thing on that link and see what happens. I did find ink cartridges for two other, newer, printers I also have. At this rate I'm going to get my own episode of "Hoarders" !!

    Rick H.
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  7. When I let my Epson R1800 printer sit long enough to dry up the nozzles, I bought some dye-based so-called ink refills that were less than a tenth of the price of the pigment inks.
    Then I used those inks to do the cleaning and now everything works well and I have real pigment ink loaded...
  8. Okay, I went through all of these processes and got some decent test prints. For some reason though I am now getting a message when I try to print that says my printer is in an error condition. Any idea what that means or how to resolve it? Thanks.

    Rick H.
  9. For what it's worth two lengthy calls to Epson and a computer update that took forever solved the problem. I couldn't tell you what the problem ended up being but it's fixed. Back to work.

    Rick H.
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  10. This worked with the older printers. I used to fight clogs when switched to 3rd party 100% pigment ink. The ear syringe and winded or 409 always worked wonders.

    That said, I run nozzle cheeks every 3-5 days on birth my 3880's. When I forgo any let them sit idl a few weeks, it took several cleaning cycles and lots of wasted ink to get them unclogged.

    InkjetMall has an excellent cleaning fluid for this.

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