My new Zorki4 & Jupiter 8

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  1. I went a bit overboard and bought this camera body as it was advertised for about $6.00. When it arrived it was functional; but had to go through the usual rituals of cleaning and lubrication. I found that the seller [or, a previous owner] had changed the back to that of a later model. So the back has nylon fabric covering instead of the Vulcanite. I don’t mind that; the back fits well with the body. An advantage, by the way, is the newer thread size on the tripod mount. So I don’t have to use an adapter.

    The lens is a Jupiter 8 that I bought from Alex of Ukraine in a lot of 6 bad lenses. I have CLAed all of them. I am testing them one by one. The lens cost me less than $2.0. After restoration the camera looks and functions smoothly, like a new one.

    I loaded some residual half roll of ORWO/Nova NP22 ASA125 film. I covered three Cross-roads today around the community. Tomorrow and the day after are festival days here. So, the street vendors were busy getting geared, with veggies, fruits, flowers and things.

    I am improving my brew step by step. I wrote Mr Chadha of Omax Photo Co., in New Delhi for some filters for these FSU lenses. He said that he did not make this size, now; but he offered to make some step up rings for adapting 43mm filters that he had on stock ready. That suited me fine, as the expanded-extended filter ring would also provide a barrier against stray light. Here are some samples from one of the “six bad lenses.”

  2. I removed the black paint on the Aluminum bead and polished it. Found this easier than painting it neatly. Also gives it nice old world trim. This is one of the early models [possibly 1957-58] with the framed windows on the VF/RF.
  3. They have built a new sidewalk. There is a powerline post right in the middle of it; a person in a wheel chair would have tough time negotiating. Though the law requires ramps and other facilities to help the handicapped the local government engineers are not literate about it. Some of us keep fighting them in Courts through Public Interest Litigation.
  4. Ten years ago this corner had only about 4 shops. Now it has grown into a retail center with 4 Banks, and about 50 retail establishments. Good transportation technology range from push wheeler, to three wheelers with 2-stroke engines, to modern cars and buses. Everything goes, here.
  5. Pedestrians don’t seem bothered by the vehicular traffic, though children and senior citizens do complain about the dangerous drivers and lack of protected walkways.
  6. This corner had only a bus-stop and a post box until a couple of years ago. Commerce has mushroomed since then and a number of residential buildings have been converted to retail use. Notice the Auto-rickshaw stand that has grown on its own. If the buses are delayed or overcrowded then these auto rickshaws get their custom.
  7. This is the oldest of the crossroads to have developed a legitimate commercial center. It is becoming a Bazaar center now. A number of street vendors also assemble here, perhaps due to longer years of custom and practice.
  8. I took this picture from the First Floor [Second Floor in US terms] balcony of the small shopping center here. I could take pictures unnoticed, without disturbing the street vendors.
  9. I know very little about this festival, except that it is observed by traditional women from this region. No one in my family is that traditional.
  10. Some continue to make traditional cotton and silk cotton pillows and mattresses. They cost a lot more than factory made washable polyester filled pillows. Silk cotton has become very expensive, now, as it is not a plantation crop. It grows on dry-land trees.
  11. This suburban community has many retired folks. The Physio-therapy clinic is a welcome addition of an emerging profession.
    Thanks for viewing and your comments. I find the FSU Range Finders most enjoyable and efficient. Regards, sp.
  12. Geat Subbarayan, simply great. Two buck J-8 is just a fantastic deal. And pictures are just right for j-8
  13. Subbarayan, that's a niec camera shot, looks practically new. This skill of yours is something I am quite jealous of, since I am all thumbs myself. In your very last picture, I love the artwork in the foreground. In Bengali we would call that "Alpana", something to decorate the entryway, and welcome guests as well. But, a great tradition, wouldn't you say?
  14. Nice work, I love the cart with bicycle wheels.
  15. Beautiful camera and excellent pictures, as always SP! Jiggi Jikka Fresh!
    Things are still booming.
  16. SP.
    Once again, I am astounded by your dexterity with CLAs. That camera looks wonderful. Your `Getting ready for the fest` is a truly wonderful photo. It is a great street photo. You can just hear and smell the street.
  17. Great "slice of life" in these photos, Subbarayan. As always, I enjoy your photographs. I think you've about nailed the right combination of film and developer as the tones look very good. Great job of restoring camera and lens.
  18. [​IMG]
    Zorki 4K / Jupiter 8
    Self-portrait, 1975
  19. It's great to see cameras and lenses getting new leases on life! I like the Kiev stuff and have found that if you clean them up and do a few repairs, they really work quite well. Enjoyed your images, too.
  20. SP, which parts of Bangalore were these shots taken?
  21. Thanks KP; I got some excellent Industars [50 & 61] with this. All cleaned up and ready to go. Sasvata Mahasay! Yes, Alpana is ‘Kolam’ in Southern languages, meaning décor or motif. By tradition Southerners commonly use the 6-pointed Star [Star of David in Hebrew tradition] and Northerners use the Swastika [nothing to do with the Nazi’s], very ancient. Thanks John, I used to dream in my childhood of pushing a cart like this and selling goodies! Nice to see you back Al V; you picked the right slogan! Mike S how is your Fed 5 coming? Love to see your pics with that. Thanks Mike G; the brew is improving. I will tell you the secret; it is just common salt from the kitchen! Thanks Igor and Dan B. I admire the Kiev/Contax. But will keep to the thread mounts, now. Already have more than I can use on a regular basis. Anirban Da! This is Ideal Homes and BEML Township in Southwest Bangalore off Mysore Road.
  22. Great Pics How do u click with out getting noticed. Guess you must have a penchant for guessing distances right ...
  23. Another Jewel, I'm thinking about buying one of the junkers and sending it to you to fix for me! I figure the cost would still be a bargain. That Zorki 4 looks great! You've documented the change here in the last 2 years, I guess there isn't a local Historical society interested in your documented work. Perhaps at some later date. Your brew is table slat?!? What no PhenoBomohlaidiodoxytron? Geez this is India, C'mon couldn't you develop film with something more exotic.. Curry or Cardamon, or Cumin or are those only for color emulsions? Just Kidding. Great Idea with the filters. I need some adapters or filters to fit other cameras too!
  24. Thanks Chuck; if you are serious about buying let me know. I shall buy one, fix it and send it across to you. That way you will save on postage in one lap. Oh yes, my brew contains Metol, Sodium Sulphite, Sodium Carbonate, Boric acid and Common salt. I believe the Sodium Chloride acts like KBr in some traditional formulas. But is said to produce much finer grain due to its ionizing capabilities. I read several discussions on the Microdol-X and later developments and experimented with this over a year and recorded the data and quality output. Must say that I am happy with the improvements. Regards, Subbarayan.
  25. Fascinating post SP!
  26. Tremendous, as usual, SP. The Jupiter 8 is certainly a great performer, and your "new" Zorki looks pretty much that way! Your talent as a camera and lens restorer is remarkable. Thanks for another fascinating series of photographs.
  27. Great post, SP. I love your series about the changing neighborhood. That Zorki-4 is a very capable camera in the right hands. As for filters, the 40.5 mm thread Russian types are relatively common in yellow and red. I have a few that actually came on lenses.
  28. Wonderful post, SP. As usual the photos are a superb record of life in your part of the world, and just plain good photography. The camera is gorgeous! You amaze me with how you're able to bring cameras back to life and your in-depth knowledge of them. I just recently received my first Russian cameras a Kiev 4 and Kiev 4A, both with Jupiter 8s (although one is a 50mm and the other is a 53mm) as well as a Zorki 4 with a black finish. I put a test roll through the Kiev 4 and was impressed with the results, so now I'll make some real pictures with it. Thanks for sharing these, SP!
  29. As I site here in Vancouver, Canada, it's a real pleasure to see yet more views of Bangalaru as I hear the seagulls off the balcony of my daughter's apartment.
    Very nice and a nice camera too.
  30. Thank You Jack. Rick, as a reward from the blue, I got a copy of the Maizenberg Book on the use and repair of FSU cameras. It is a very detailed treatise and well written, an English version. It may interest you, as you do have some Feds. Let me know. Thanks Julio; importing filters from Russia or Ukraine costs a lot in postage. The Delhi people make a lot of these accessories and export them to the West these days. I would settle for these. Thanks Andy; looking forward to your posts from the new Kievs and Zorki. Thanks JDM; should be wonderful to visit with your daughter, especially in that region. Summers are beautiful over there. If you drive a little South toward Blaine on the Freeway you can watch Whales rolling over on the Sound even from the shore! There are also many cruise tours to various islands there, including the historic Victoria, very photogenic. Have a great time! Regards, sp.

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