My new pinhole camera from 6x9 roll-film back

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  1. Hi guys, I just wanted to show what I've been working on recently. In a nearby used camera shop I found a Plaubel 6x9 roll film back for about US$ 20. I used some 5mm plywood and some black fabric. The pinhole is my own production from a coke can. I measured it with a microscope with 0.1mm scale and the hole is 0.25mm in diameter (0.01 in) and it is quite round. Ialready looking forward to taking it out for a shoot :)
  2. here's how the cable release is mounted...
  3. here's how the cable release works - with open "shutter" :)
  4. I glued some harder wood on bottom and screwed a 3/8in - 1/4in tripod screw adaptor. Now I can use it on my tripod with 1/4 in screw.
  5. Also I made the front piece removable, so that I can change the front plate to get different "focal length" (hole-to-film distance)

    this is the front...
  6. and this is the body...
  7. and one more - detail of the shutter. Have a nice day and round holes :)
  8. And I forgot to mention that the thread for cable release is a metric 3 or 4 nut soldered to a piece of copper (for greater surface) and glued to the wooden box. It took me quite some time to figure the right position and radius from the axis of the shutter, but now it works fine.

    Also I forgot to mention that the "focal length" is now 31mm (which is about 13mm on 35mm film), the hole is 0.25mm and I computed that there will be 2 EV light fall-off in the corners.

    In future I am planing to build more front plates for this camera - probably something like 28mm and 50mm on 35mm film, and also at least one shift hole front plate for architecture...

    Feel free to ask questions if you wanna know more...

    Good luck building your own pinhole camera :)
  9. A work of art.
  10. Please keep us posted when you have the first results!
  11. After all that effort, you might as well create some shims for the posts that can change the focal length of the camera.
  12. That is wonderful. Please post some results. Coke can pinholes work just fine.
  13. very nice. thanks for all the pictures. the cable release is a great idea. check out
    post us some photos when you get them.

  14. Beautiful woodwork, my compliments on your craftsmanship! Those giant steel wingnuts and washers, however, look completely incongruous on such a fine work of art. Some brass finial nuts, such as the ones used to fasten a shade to the harp of a lamp, would be a vast aesthetic improvement. Finials would serve the function of the wingnuts, because they have knurled edges for hand tightening with your thumb and forefinger. Those, along with some brass washers or perhaps copper would better compliment the stain on the wood.

    Just a suggestion,


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