my new blog (art related)

Discussion in 'Member's Photo News' started by kevin_b.|2, May 12, 2010.

  1. I started a new blog where I feature lesser "known" artists. Painters, photographers, etc. Short quick bios with small review and a few shots here in there. Enough to get your attention but not enough to bore you.

    Why not give the artist a chance to reach someone new, eh?

    I will be contacting some artists to see if they would like to be featured.
  2. Do you have written permission to reproduce the images in your blog (as required by the person whose photos you're reproducing)?
  3. no, well not for the current guy. i contacted him after the fact and he was very grateful for the feature. i guess if someone ends up complaining i will take it down asap. i put the artists home website and all that.

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