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  1. 7D2AE541-410D-4635-AD30-9E02C8009F57.jpeg All my M39 mount cameras, starting at the back row at the left: 1970 Zorki 4 with Jupiter 8 lens, 1985 FED 3B with Industar 61, 1950 Leica IIIc with Canon 1.8 50mm, 1951 Leica IIf with Elmar 90mm and a Leitz finder, 1947 Leica IIIc with a Gossen Sixti light meter (that is dead on accurate!) and a 1953 Canon IIIa with a Canon 3.5 135mm lens and a KMZ finder.
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    Nice! Have been thinking about doing something with film Nikon stuff.
  3. The LTM cameras may not be practical but I still think they are great travel cameras. Sure, there are better travel cameras that take film, but the old Leica bodies are so nice to use.
  4. A man who seriously embraced LTM G.A.S ! My several FSU Fed's & Zorki's (and a handful of folders) DSCF0862 ces13 rff-vert-horz rff.jpg are perfect for wondering about ! Bill
  5. ricklb55 and Bill Bowes, great collections, particularly impressed with the turn of colour on yours Bill Bowes. My collection (like many I went thru a phase of purchasing ratty, dirt cheap Fed 2's, and a zorki) languishes as most of the shutter curtains have de-ruberised. I try to use black t-shirt paint to patch them, but it's a thankless task. Any cheap fixers out there who can replace a curtain at a reasonable cost? I once tried to do the repair myself, and have the bits and pieces in a tupperware container to remind me of my folly. I'll take a photo on the weekend. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
  6. Arthur, I think you would find it far cheaper to look onto Ebay for the Ukrainian sellers of the FSU cameras. All mine were CLA's & have performed spot-on since I received them. I do exercise them regularly & believe that is a key feature for these "Heavy Metal" creatures. If you like blue (like the Iso), they have that color! Bill
  7. I have several LTMs from a beater IIIc through a late IIIg. However my eyes aren't what they used to be, so I find myself using an M3 or rebuilt M4-2 more often. But the IIIg is still my favorite backup although really showing it's age. They all get exercised on a regular basis.
  8. Nice. Thanks for the camera p o r n.
    Although I generally like the ergonomics of the Contax RF better than those of the LTM (39mm), who could not love the nice heft of even the Soviet copies, much less the originals.

    Of the thread-mount cameras of the form, this is one of my favorites:
  9. So, a bit late, but a selection of my ltm and FSU rangefinders (not all), and in a clip-lok bag, you will see the remnants of my attempt to 'cure' a Fed 2. Learnt a lesson there. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
  10. Someone enlighten me. LTM?

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