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  1. Here are a few pics of my M equipment.

    <img src=""> <br><br>
    <img src=""> <br><br>
    <img src=""> <br><br>
    <img src=""> <br><br>
    <img src=""> <br><br>
    <img src=""> <br><br>
    <img src=""> <br><br>
    <img src=""> <br><br>

    I bought most of this equipment locally from a gentleman who bought
    them new in Germany while he was stationed there. The photos are
    simple and not "artsy" as some want on PN. It's simple my M equipment
    that I use and love.
  2. Hi, Raid! The camera looks really nice. I'd simply crop them a bit tighter... I really like how the 90 Summicron looks in silver (mine is black). Is the last one a Hektor? I see it is... How does it work?
  3. Add an exposure meter and then.....take some pics.
  4. As seen above, there is a 50/2 Summicron rigid attached to the M3. I have also a 50 collapsible Summicron, a 35/2 with goggles, a 90 Summicron with fixed lens hood, and a Minolta Rokkor 28/2.8 that is free of white spots that seem to be a common problem with this lens.
  5. Huw,
    The exposure meter is in the photos above ;-)
    I use the stuff regularly as much as I can, but since I have lots of stuff not all pieces are used every week.
  6. Francisco,
    The Hektor is not bad at all; it is not a stellar performer but it is a fine lens. The chrome Summicron 90 lens is really a beauty [and very heavy]. It is one of the most beautiful Leitz lenses ever mad, in my humble opinion.
  7. I know, Raid! It's a weird thing to really like a lens that long (comparatively speaking), but I find it very useful, sharp and relatively easy to use, in spite of its weight. For a while, it never left one of my M6TTLs.

    Mine, however, is black, which makes it kinda difficult to photograph.

    Is your meter in a bag? I just don't see it.

    BTW, I use a MR meter on my M3. Not historically accurate but then, it gets the job done.
  8. Raid,

    Of course the meter is in the pictures! It is a spotmeter that you
    use to prop up the lenses etc.

  9. Francisco,
    Jerry found my meter! It is a Pentax digital spotmeter in its black bag. I used it in some photos to prop up the lenses. This meter has been a faithful companion to all my meterless cameras for many years. It's a great meter .
  10. Were these by flash or the old north window trick?
  11. We have dark clouds right now in Pensacola, so I used the built-in flash.
  12. I have four more pics. One is of the 90 Summicron and the others are of the M3 with the Canon 50/1.2 and matching lens hood. <br> <br>
    <img src=""> <br> <br>
    <img src=""> <br> <br>

    <img src=""> <br> <br>

    <img src=""> <br> <br>

    I hope nobody minds such postings; it's not to show off. I enjoy taking a look at M cameras and lenses.
  13. Mine, all mine! Muahahaha!
    <img src="">
    <img src="">
    <img src="">
    <img src="">
    @F2.8 handheld Fujichrome Sensia 100<br>
    <img src="">
  14. Jeremy, <br>
    I am hearing your screaming all the way to Florida! <br>

    "Mine, all mine! Muahahaha! " <br>

    Is your lens very different optically from a Leitz 28 lens?
    I read somewhere that your lens is rare [just as you stated].
  15. I'm not familiar with the Leitz equivalent for the R. This lens is for the Konica SLR line. It has 9 elements, one of them floating. It also has the UC (Ultra Coating) that makes it as transparent as an SMC or T*.

    One of these come up maybe once every year or two on ebay. I haven't seen any being offered in a long time.
  16. Sorry if I'm being little forward, but would anyone like to share pics of their equipment on a bear skin rug?
  17. Raid, there is an art to product photography. Take a look at some of the photographs of Leica cameras and lenses in Jim Lager's books if you want to see really well done illustrative photographs.
  18. Eliot, <br>
    Thanks for pointing out the source, but I am too busy with life to be staging an artistic set-up jsut to show a camera and some lenses.
  19. Victor, <br>
    That's my point exactly. Let's be practical here.
  20. Raid:

    Thanks for sharing. I see you have a 28 mm Rokkor. How is it? How
    contrasty and how much corner loss (vignetting) at say 4.0? I'm thinking of
    getting a 28 & I am looking at an Emarit 28/2.8, but they are pricey.

    Happy snaps.
  21. Anyone looking for a black MR meter? I'll be posting it in FS in this forum soon.
  22. SORRY WRONG PICTURE. Check this out.
  23. Hi Melvin: The Rokkor is a very good lens for its price. If the Elmarit is a 10, then it is a 9, in my opinion and also based on what I have seen posted here on PN regarding this issue. It is less contrasty [I have read] than the Elmarit, but for all practical purposes, it is a fine performer. Note that this lens seems to be suffering from "white dots" that appear on/in the lens. My lens luckily for me does not display this feature. The white dots have been discussed at length here on PN. I'm not sure if people agreed what the real reason is for getting these dots. I guess, if the lens has these dots, then contrast may suffer? Maybe someone here can jump in and add/clarify. I don't use anymore 28mm lenses often so it is more economical and practical for me to stick to my little Rokkor lens than to switch to a more exotic Elmarit.
  24. Nice M3 set-up Afzal. I have seen it before. You seem to be set for B&W with the yellow filter on the lens. I need a half-case for the M3.
  25. Nice, Raid. For me, I have found most use for my M3 with the 50 DR Summicron and eternally useful, and light, 90 Elmar -- no meter!
  26. Is that a hood or what?! Can you even see though those cutouts?
  27. It's about as interesting as posting photos of our children.
  28. Gary, <br>
    Yes, it is the original lens hood for the Canon 50/1.2. You lose only part of the view and I used it yesterday. It is rather hard to find and it makes the 50/1.2 more interesting looking.
  29. Gerald, <br> Our camera equipment is loved a lot ... isn't it. That's what such hobbies are for.

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