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  1. Its been a long while since I have used my old freind took it out last week to shoot a roll there is nothing quite like the results you can get with a 1927 camera..I have added some neww photos to my 1A album[​IMG]
  2. Sorry I forgot how to get photos on here lets try again..
  3. Drew, I love the contrast! Lovely performer for such an old thing.
  4. Also shows how progress since then has been only incremental. Digital recording technology is new, but optics remains the science it was a century ago even if computers can greatly speed up calculations.
  5. I took another roll today for christmas we shall see how those come out..I finaly broke down and bought one of those Leica O series replicas at a price I could not refuse it should be here by the end of the week here is a portrait of the old girl
  6. Let me try that again wrong file
  7. Here are some pics with the color film
  8. I want one; I want one; I want one!
    I've been shooting Leicas since 1953, but never had the money and desire at the same time. But as I near 80, I think it might be just the right thing for me.
  9. There is something very satisfying using a "steam" Leica. One has to pay so much attention to all the factors about the camera, then the composition, then the steady hand on the shutter. There can be no instantaneous firing off a stream of pictures and then finding the best.Below is a picture of Harleys taken on my Leica 1A with Fuji film.
  10. Sorry icture didn't arrive- taken with Leica 1A
  11. Does "Leica 1A" perhaps mean the Leica 1, which was also called the Leica A? It used to be written "1(A)".
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    I've got one of these, and it's even got a roll of tri-x loaded in it. I should finish it out and get it processed. Mine doesn't have the interchangeable lens, though. I like the term, "steam Leica!"

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