my lcd is tilted!

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by d_w_evans, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. Hi guys, I just noticed this morning that the image in my 20D's lcd
    has tilted about 1 degree anti clockwise. It's the same whether it's
    a picture image or the menu but everything is level in photoshop.
    Has anybody else experienced this, what do you suggest?
  2. That's just weird. I guess if it bothers you that much you could have Canon fix it, but you'd be without a camera for a while. Probably not worth it (at least to me), because a small tilt in the LCD shouldn't be terribly noticable, and it doesn't affect the image at all.
  3. Yes it is weird, since it hasn't been dropped or shaken that badly, I can't imagine the lcd inside would move somehow but then again I wouldn't think it was software related either. It's frustrating but as you say I can live with it, as long as it wont move more. My only concern is that it will affect the resale value of the camera, if I was to sell it sometime.
  4. Yeah, I had the same problem. The LCD screen seemed to be
    stuck closer to the pastic cover/body on the right side than the
    left. The local store I bought it from ordered another 20D and
    exchanged it for me.

    And for what its worth, might as well state that it had another
    flaw. It showed "corrupt data" everytime I pressed the review
    button as it was buffering the shots. To see these "corrupt" files,
    I had to turn the camera off and on. The newer model simply
    says "busy" when "review" is pressed during buffering instead of
    "corrupt data" - and no need to restart.
  5. This has been a problem with the 20D noted by some on another forum. If it bothers you, get it exchanged or send it in under warranty. I would.
  6. I noticed the same thing, a slight counter-clockwise tilt. 1.5K vs. 8.5K, I'll live with it. Everthing else to date, plus 3 months, works perfectly.
  7. Yeah, I wouldn't bother with it unless it got worse fairly soon (before the warranty ran out). It's not like a slight "glitch" in a pacemaker. Now a problem like that would just kill me!
  8. "1.5K vs. 8.5K, I'll live with it."<p>Still, should we not expect better for $1,500?
  9. Only if we put it another way. Something like "1.5K vs. 0.4K". ;)
  10. I have the same problem. It seems that only cameras bought in Europe have this problem. Am I right?

    I sent my camera to the local canon service and then they realised that all 20D's that they had in their stock, had tilted lcd! I even compared my camera to my friend's 20D and he had the same problem.

    But the funny thing is that the few months older body, that they have in the shop, does not have this problem.

    Local canon service did nothing to my camera. And are not even going to change it. I know that it does not affect the picture quality, but I did pay quite a lot money for it (in Europe the prices are higher)
  11. "It seems that only cameras bought in Europe have this problem.
    Am I right?"

    Tanel, I'm in the US and still had the same issue with my first

    As for "its' just 1.5K, live with it", I guess it depends on who we
    are. If I made my living with the 20D, perhaps i'd ignore it too.
    But as a hobbyist, I don't see any point in making Canon richer
    for providing a defective product that is more a toy than a tool
    than me.
  12. >>1.5K vs. 8.5K,<<

    well, the 10D didn't have that problem...
  13. Maybe yours is worse than mine, BFD! Live with it! What are you going to do when some dust gets on your CMOS, hire Johnny Cochran, Esq.

    I have yet to read more people complain about the smallest things in regards to their 20D, than any other camera on this site.

    "Oh the LCD is about 1 degree out of alignment... My viewfinder is dim... What do you mean the 20D won't work the EZ Series of Canon Flashes? Etc. Etc." Go up Ladies! {And, I don't mean you girls.}
  14. Stephen Sullivan, maybe you don't mind spending a lot of money on goods that are less than perfect, but I don't! These cameras are expensive and for this kind of money I expect perfection. My lcd is visibly tilted, it's not right and I don't like it but, I can live with it. Incidentaly my original post was a comment not a complaint, and don't you mean 'grow up' not 'go up'?
  15. "What are you going to do when some dust gets on your CMOS, hire Johnny Cochran, Esq."

    How are they comparable? The dust is a normal and universal outcome of using the camera, the tilt is a manufacturing defect. Besides, I can clean off the dust, but can't fix the tilt. As for people complaining most about the 20D, just give it some time and the complaints will be about the next bestbuy.

    Bottom line, its your money, and only you get to decide whether 1.5K is too much, or negligible, to ignore the tilt.

    But I'm surprised that Canon won't fix or exchange these tilted 20Ds in Europe; especially given their higher prices.
  16. The thing is, I bought mine off ebay from a Hong Kong store (I got the 18-55 lens kit with a 1gig ultra2 card and a spare battery for the price of body alone in the UK) so it's not like I can just take it back and get it changed, although I do have a 12 month warranty with the seller, I'm just debating wether or not I should contact them.
  17. No DW Evans. I'm more concerned about the camera working properly, i.e. the mechanical and the electronics.

    Madhu B. This is over a tilt of less than 1 degree.

    Let's look at less than 1 degree. I just looked at my EOS 1 that I purchased back in 1990. When I bought this camera, the Flash Sync. post had a slight wiggle to it. 15 years later it still has a slight wiggle to it. No More, No less than when I purchased it. And guess what; it still works just how it was manufactured to.

    More looking at less than 1 degree. The film door is less than 1 degree higher at where the hinges are as compared to where the door latch is. Guess what, it still works as it was manufactured to, prevents light leaks.

    Even more looking at less than 1 degree. I'm looking at my 20D and the pop-up flash. When in the closed position, the flash is less than 1 degree shifted to the left. Again, guess what; it works just how it was manufactured to, to provide more light when needed or wanted.

    When looking for perfection, you'll always find imperfection.
  18. Yes but everything else about my camera is pretty much perfect, except for my lcd which until recently was perfect, in three months and over a thousand pics I've not had one lock up or error message. Put it this way, open up a picture in photoshop and rotate the image a degree ccw, isn't that annoying to look at, you will probably tell me no, but it would be if it was permanently like that, and that's how my lcd is!
  19. Actually I would say that it would be annoying to open a picture in my computer to be viewed, let's say, on a 20" monitor. That is opposed to a 1.5" to 1.75" LCD But, then again, most monitors allow you to correct that offset on the vertical and horizontal axis. Now, if Canon were to release a correction via a firmware update, would I download it? Sure I would. If they don't, would I care? No, because the camera still works as it was intended to. Take care Mr. Evans.

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