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  1. hey all,
    It's been quite a while since I posted to this forum. How's everybody doin?
    I'm wondering if anyone is looking for the same thing that I am in the Canon community...
    First, my gripe is with the size of Canon pro bodies (including the XD series). I know I'm not going to appeal to everyone with this one, but what I would like is a pro body (weather sealed, magnesium alloy, flashless, high fps, 1/350 or 1/500 flash-sync, etc, etc) in the size of the XXXD. I know that this would mean it would have to be a cropped sensor (and therefore to some might mean it isn't "pro", but I disagree). To me a cropped sensor does not mean it can't have good IQ (those of you who have also used the Leica M8 - used, not just looked at DxOs website) would agree with me. Of course the smaller sensor would also mean tiny viewfinder, which I am ok with...this body couldn't replace my 5DII, it would be the perfect company. I would spend close to $2000 for this.
    For other wishes, who else would want a 24-50mm f/4 L? I want a compact (hence the f4) wide to mid zoom, that doesn't extend while zooming, made to L quality levels.
    How about some slower L glass? A 28 f2L? 35 f2L? 85 f2L? Does anyone else want L build and optical quality but doesn't need it to be so fast? though I love my 35 1.4L, I'm sure one can make an f2 which is on par with the 1.4 at equal apertures at half the size.
    that's it...sorry if posts like this bug forum members, I realize it is somewhat juvenile...I just wanted to get it out of my head...
  2. I have a strong suspicion that you're not going to get what you wish for...none of it follows Canon's general philosophy regarding the direction of the EOS system. It's like wishing for a mid engined sports coupe from Jeep or a small 4-door hybrid sedan from Ferrari.
  3. You're not gonna get what you want, your wishes are not very realistic, and not really needed in the Canon lens lineup.
  4. yeah, I figured which is why I haven't been holding my breath. it's unfortunate that one needs to spend $10,000+ for a system even close to this - leica (though it would lack many of the features I like from Canon)
    I'm surprised to hear from you Bob that you equate physically large bodies and lenses to be Canon's defining feature...expecting a small pro body is like wishing Ferarri would make a four-door sedan? What is Canon's general philosphy regarding the direction of the EOS system (as it relates to this post)? Eventually, as crop-body users do go full-frame, I see a 24-50 being a perfect replacement for the 17-40.
  5. I don't want any of that stuff. If I had to wish aimlessly, I wouldn't mind the return of ECF and shiftable DEP mode.
  6. I would like to see some L telephotos that don't cost as much as a four door hybrid ....
  7. Truth is, if i want small, i'll grab a 24 f2.8 and a 50mm f1.4 and get better performance and more versatility in various light. The 24-105 is already a great lens for the user not in need of the 24-70 f2.8. I would like to see a 24-70 IS (although i doubt i'll be able to afford it). I would like to see an alternative to the 24mm f1.4 which is big, and mostly expensive. A 24mm f2 USM for $600-650 sounds nice and should be doable. I would also like to see the 35mm f2 updated to USM.
    This is more of a pipe dream but i would LOVE to see 35 - 150 f2.8 IS L, i would pay $1300-1400 for that. As for the bodies, the lineup is very good as it is, full frame is well cared for with the 1Ds 1,2,3 and the 5D and 5D2. 1.6 crop is fine and the 1D series is looking good. I would mostly like to see a 5D with video that has a manual everything movie mode. I don't care what anyone says, but the 5D2 can do things that no other camera for less then $20,000 can. Tilt and shifts... 85mm f1.2, 135 f2, fisheyes, very long lens' extreme wide angles, like my sigma 12-24... and of course, the high ISO and the ability to rent equipment anywhere. Alow the user to select and lock the aperture and control the ISO and shutter speed as we would in manual mode.
    Overall, Canon has a really solid lineup i feel, which is why i came to Canon in the first place. Perhaps a slightly less expensive, lower res full frame, but a used 5D fits that well...
  8. I dont' think asking for a body that would make my work easier, and more enjoyable a wish without aim. (that is the aim...)
    Did ECF ever lose its faults? Was there a camera after the 7e that had it? I would definitly take ECF if they made it work well enough to rely on (for a professional) but they can't get normal AF working reliably on their pro bodies...I think it will need to wait a while longer
  9. I'm part of the way with the OP on this one, and I'm not alone. That well-known photographer and commentator Michael Reichmann forecasts the end of the integrated 1D-size body and a return to something the size of a the 1V with an add-on grip. I don't recall anyone ever complaining about the fact that the PB-E2 wasn't welded to the rest of the 1V, and plenty of people apart from me have regretted that there was no true "digital 1V", only a "digital 1VHS". XXXD size, no, there's no need for this sort of purpose to go any smaller than a 5D-size body, which is actually a bit smaller than the 1V and very similar to the original EOS-1, and is a size that I find handles very well. And FF, of course, but I'd be happy to see a pro-quality 1.6-factor body as well. Sound familiar? Yes, well, as a Canon user I have to admit that with the D300 and D700 Nikon are further down this road than Canon at the moment.
    As for lenses, I too find it hard to understand the degree of concentration on ultra-fast lenses. You have only to look at the repeated forum threads on using Zeiss WA primes on Canon bodies to see that there are plenty of people for whom ultimate image quality is the priority, rather than getting to f/1.4, and quite a lot of the excitement about the new Canon TS lenses arises because the MTF curves suggest that they are going to be outstanding conventional WA lenses regardless of the TS capability.
    But I'm not holding my breath waiting ...!
  10. Yay! Someone else who doesn't like lugging around kgs upon kgs of gear!
    I agree that in some ways (not all) Nikon is further down this road (though I'm confident in Canon coming out with a D3x killer...(unfortunately, I dont think Canon is putting enough effort into the XXD vs DXXX fight). But what is impressive is that not too long ago (5 years?) Nikon was publically stating they would never release a full-frame body, how quickly things can change. Which is why, those these things might seem like "aimless wishes" the market is what decides. I'm confident that more and more professionals will demand lighter, smaller bodies.
  11. I agree 100% with Robin . If Canon had the wisdome to return to the 1V mechanical design with the redesigned PB-E2 in order to accept both small and pro size batteries , they have a chance to take the leadership again. For those of you who don't understand what I'm saying, take a look here :
    What do you think..., do you want something like this ?
  12. I agree and disagree with OP.
    Being and owner of XXXD body and loving it, i wouldn't mind having a "pro"-body with weather sealing, etc, etc. in the size of a XXD body. I could get used to the additional weight if it meant more rugged built. That way they might even be able to squeese a FF in it. Limit the resolution to around 12-15MP with good Hi-ISO performance, fast frame rate, and up to 21 focusing points. Honestly 9 FP are more than enought for me, but i can see how you might need more. I use the center FP 99% of the time :).
    As far as the lenses go i would love to see 17-85mm IS f/4.0 with a better image quality than the current one and a constant f.
    Also 18-105 or 125 IS f/3.5-5.6 with a decent image quality (something along the lines of the sigma 18-125mm, but with better IQ).
    I know those are probably never gonna come true, but it's good to dream :)
  13. Compared to what I used to have to lug around, in film days, to get this quality, these bodies are small (I shoot 1Ds series).
    Now, I have to agree with lens speed. I would happily have slower speed with higher optical quality in some L lenses. OK, telephotos call for good speed, so I'm fine with the big L's. But a mega quality 50 1.4 or 1.8, great quality 28 2.8, etc would be my preferences. That's why I have many Zeiss. So you have another person who agrees with you. Luckily for me, it's not a burning desire, for when I want that ultimate boost in quality and the fine level of manual focusing it usually means I'm using a tripod so the manual focus, manual stop-down, adapted Zeiss lenses are fine for me.
  14. I'm another person who wants slower L lenses whose aim is top performance rather than high speed. Particularly needed for the wide-angle end.
  15. a 28 F2.0 L prime that is fairly sharp wide open would be wonderful. Will it happen ? probably not but I sure would love some L build primes that are not so large.
  16. I, too, would appreciate a lighter/smaller body, not as my main camera, but as a light carry-around camera that will mount up my EF and EFS lenses. Hey, why not make it a bit different, too. Forget the camera being an SLR. Just give me a big (at least APS-C) sensor, an electronic viewfinder, and the option of manual controls -- sort of an advanced P&S with interchangeable lenses. Canon seems to forget there are a lot of serious photographers with large collections of fine lenses who like to enjoy some time off. And during their off time, they often don't want to carry around a heavy chunk of 1-series camera with and equally heavy chunk of lens hanging off the front. However, they do want to have a "decent" camera at hand. An EOS-compatible camera with electronic viewfinder and shutter would also be very useful for situations in which shutter noise is problematic -- e.g. for a wedding ceremony.
  17. Sarah, you may see that sooner than you think. Also just make it full time live view and make it even smaller, an APS-C similer to to the micro 4/3's format
  18. I just want a real 50 1.4 ala the awesome 85 1.8
    Canon's 50's suck, except for the 2.5 macro.
  19. "Canon's 50's suck, except for the 2.5 macro."

    I am surprised. I like all Canon's 50mm lenses. I am happy with the 1.8 for my 5D2.
    My biggest wish is for a 1D series body without the built in grip.
  20. DEP mode. I second that motion!
    I used it a lot on my Elan IIe.
  21. I don't even find XXXD size bodies usable, my bottom 2 fingers hang off in free air because the crappy grip is so small. You wouldn't be able to use any good lenses practically on the newer Rebel bodies.
  22. You wouldn't be able to use any good lenses practically on the newer Rebel bodies.​
    I disagree. I've shot with EF-S 17-55mm, EF 24-105mm, EF 70-200mm f/2.8 amd currently have EF 28-135mm mounted on my XSi. All of them were/are very practical IMHO. And i'm not counting the primes, they are a real pleasure to work with, especialy if you have to lug it around strapped to your hand for a day long hike.
  23. The answer is in what others are doing. Look at Sony, Olympus, Nikon etc. They are not going for mega bodies as volume leaders. Nikon is nervous that the upcoming D700x will gut sales of the D3, D3x. So far it hasn't happened, but it may in 3-6 months. Canon did not provide a pro body for the 5D2 for this reason.
    As FX sensors penetrate further and further down the price curve, so will the need for high end DX lenses decrease. This is the real thing to watch. Nikon has not invested much in high end DX lenses because it knows that demanding customers will go FX and use all those lovely FX lenses that already exist.
    We are seeing very soft prices for used top end DX bodies for this reason. I picked up a mint 6 month old D300 for less than the price of a new D90. I suspect this will be the trend as the D700 price will ease soon. It will be the same for Canon. But the turd in the swinning pool for prosumer Canon buyers (especially recent buyers of the 5D2) will be the pricing and specs of the 1Dxxx replacement. My bet is they will follow the Nikon D3x on pricing which will give them headroom for a smaller body competitor for the D700x. (Incidentally, the D3x is now on backorder much for the predictions of some).
    Right now...ignore all of the above. We all know that buying digital is like buying a car...the biggest cost is depreciation. Get used to it, or stay with film where prices for pro gear are still firm.
  24. zml


    I would like is a pro body (weather sealed, magnesium alloy, flashless, high fps, 1/350 or 1/500 flash-sync, etc, etc) in the size of the XXXD​
    If you want a smaller camera, buy a smaller camera... 5D series, 40D, 50D are great performing cameras (just use a plastic bag as rain cover and you are set...)
    "Pro" my in book is in addition to your list also dual card storage and a battery that delivers 1800 (1Ds3) or 2400 (1D3) shots per charge... And 100% viewfinder coverage, built-in eyepiece shutter, no dials, etc. How do you suppose will all this fit in a XXXD sized body? "Pro" also means that I'd like just one charger for all my batteries and how are you going to fit an LP-E4 cell in a smaller body..? (Have you ever seen a charger for the LP-E4 batteries? It is bigger than a Rebel...And I have to pull a Nancy Reagan and just say no to schlepping more than 1 charger...)
    As an aside, the size of the 1D-series body is totally irrelevant comparing to the stuff that a "pro" shooter needs: a tripod, monopod, various clamps, remotes, a bunch of long and heavy lenses, several flashes, light stands, umbrellas, reflectors, gobos, flags, rolls of gaffer tape, backgrounds, etc... And even though sometimes it is only the photographer, the camera and the 400/2.8L IS on a monopod, the sheer size and heft of the 400 makes a 1D3 look and feel positively puny :)))
  25. I really don't want anything from Canon.
    Ahhhhh. Inner peace :)
  26. Anybody else want built in wireless flash control from Canon? I know I'd like to have it...
    • Mirror lockup button
    • Flash system that works
    • In-body stabilisation
    • Lens equivalent to 28-105mm on crop body i.e. 35-150mm
    • Custom settings buttons
    • More lenses that are mid price i.e not rubbish or ludicrously expensive.
  27. OK -- yes a dedicated MLU button should be STANDARD in $1,000+ bodies.
    Also, a wireless remote shutter release like they had in the early '90s (infra red is it?). Worked pretty well with my 10S and cost what, $30 at most?
    Please DON'T include in-body IS (except for maybe in the Reb line).
    And sell a proper 50mm lens, please! You can do it with the 85mm, why not the 50 for cripe's sake?!
  28. Built-in flash on the 5D/5DII level bodies.
    Per Andrew Milbourn: more mid-quality lens. The 50mm f1.4 for one: already has the mid-quality price, but pretty rough fit-and-finish.
    Constant ISO display. (Is that the case with the latest bodies?)

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