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  1. --
    I’m very exited to have 5 prints (3 of them Leica
    photographs--OT) in a show of work by the Ft. Greene
    Photography Association at Long Island University in downtown
    Brooklyn, NY.

    Here are the details:

    Fort Greene Photography Association Exhibit.
    September 1 to September 27
    Reception: Wednesday, September 18, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m

    Salena Gallery at Long Island University - Brooklyn Campus,
    1 University Plaza, Brooklyn, NY -
    On the corner of Flatbush and DeKalb.

    Gallery Hours are from Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm,
    Weekends from 11am to 5pm.
    F or more information call (718) 488-1198.

    We just finished the installation last night and the work of the 19
    photographers, other than myself, is stunning (I’m pretty pleased
    with my own prints, but modesty forbids my posting a value
    judgment about it :)

    The FGPA is a very interesting group--this is from its web

    “The Fort Greene Photography Club was started on January
    14th, 2001. The club is open to anyone who has an interest in
    the art of photography. The Fort Greene Photography Club is not
    a class, nor is it a camera club. It is an informal environment of
    creative photographers sharing their knowledge of photography
    and learning from others”

    I joined the FGPA only a few months ago and immediately
    noticed that it is VERY different from the traditional “camera club”
    I also belong to. For one thing, at age 57, I‘m probably the oldest
    member--I’m one of the younger members of the traditional
    camera club--a nearly 100 year old PFLI and PSA affiliate. The
    FGPA has an interesting mix of amateur and professional
    photographers many of whom, to my great delight work in black
    & White and do their own darkroom work (things mostly
    abandoned long ago by members by the members of my other
    club). I find both groups to be very valuable--largely because of
    their differences.

    In any case, I hope some of you in the NYC area will be able to
    attend the show.

    Bob Marvin
  2. Hi, Bob:

    I'd like to congratulate you for the exhibition and thank you for your kind invitation to go have a look. But, please, remember that you are talking to people all over the World, here. I'm sorry I won't be able to attend your exhibition but be sure that I(and probably many other people too) will appreciate to see your work if only you were kind enough to post it . . . will you ?

    Congrats again, Bob, and best regards

  3. Thank you Ivan. I've only scanned 3 of the 5 prints. I only printed
    the other 2 at 11 X 14 inches, too large for my flatbed scanner.
    Here are the titles and URLs for the3 I can show:

    1. Alone on the Long Meadow, Prospect Park:

    2. Tribute, September, 2001:

    3. Clearance, Winter DO-IT-Yourself Project:
  4. I've tried the 3 URLs I just posted--sometimes they work and
    aometimes they don't. Ah, the mysteries of Photo Net!

    I really hope that anyone who wants to see these 3 photos can
    do so. If not, I apologise.
  5. I'll try to post the 3 phoyos directly--hope it works.
  6. Success!! Here's #2
  7. #2 worked (except that my typing is even worse than my other computer skills--it should read 'Long Meadow' Here's #3
  8. The three URLs you posted first work much better if the blank
    space is removed near the end. It's my understanding that
    blanks aren't permitted in URLs.
  9. Excellent pictures!! I especially like 'Clearance'and 'Alone on the long meadow.' The juxtapisition in the former is clever and almost mischievious (you devil!) :), and the latter scene has a very calm and pleasant feel to me. Makes me wish I could come out to see the real prints. Congrats on the show.

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