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  1. I just bought my first M; a late M2. I bought a summaron 35mm f3.5 with it. But I think there may be a problem. The viewfinder shows
    three sets of brightlines; what I assume to be 35mm (the biggest, almost to the edge of the viewfinder), 50mm and 90mm (the smallest).
    When I attach the 35mm lens, the lines snap down the the middle size. Is that right? That feels like what it should do with the 50mm.

    Thanks for your input; it's my first rangefinder, so I'm alittle new.
  2. As you surmised the 35mm lines are the larger, outer set. Also on Leica M cameras, with or w/o a lens you shouldn't see multiple frame lines. If the 35mm lines don't stay when a 35mm lens is mounted , there is something wrong with the body cam. It could be jammed a bit. Does the VF preview lever move?
  3. Hi Eric
    The Summaron should indeed bring up the 35mm frame as you suspect.
    1) You could have an old Summaron, which was designed for the M3, and was used with an external viewfinder. I think they brought up the 50mm frames.
    2) You could have a 'spectacled' Summaron. Is there either an auxiliary viewfinder bolted to the top of the lens (the spectacles), or a space for an auxiliary finder. These lenses bring up the 50mm frame, but the aulixiary finder 'stretches' the field of view to 35mm. If the auxiliary finder parts are missing, you have a problem (they were fitted individually to lenses as far as I'm aware, and the focussing doesn't work correctly without them).
    3) Your lens or body could be in need of a service. The body especially might be a bit sticky at the actuation for the viewfinder frames.
    Oh, and congratulations on your M2. I also have a M2, and they're wonderful cameras to use.
  4. Thanks for the response, guys. It seems Ian has the right idea. The serial number seems to show it's an early model designed for the M3, without 'glasses'. I guess it'll work for now. I did, however, see a post here on this site that referred to having the mounting ring 'notched' so that it will bring up the correct lines. Seems like an easy fix. Does anyone have any opinions about that?
  5. some were not made to be used without goggles. chk to make sure.
  6. Interesting discussion. I didn't realize the early Summaron 35mm came in two different fittings for the M3 and M2, but sure enough, in the Hove Leica Pocket Book, 6th edition, page 72:
    Summaron 35mm: Bayonet mount: 1954-1960
    ".....Production figures approximately equal for the M2 and M3 fittings. M3 model equipped with spectacle finder providing framing and Parallax adjustment....."
    Learn something here almost every day.
  7. One more thing to check - is your lens a screw-mount type with a screw to bayonet adapter? If so, the adapter will project slightly to the side at the rear of the lens. It could be that you have a 50 mm adapter which of course is bringing up the 50 mm viewfinder frame.
  8. The first thing to check is the viewfinder frame preview lever. If that's not working, you will have the problem you described. I sent mine to DAG Don Goldberg, he cleaned it and it functions perfectly.
    best wishes.
  9. Sell the 3.5 Summaron & get an ungoggled 2.8 Summaron -- fabulous combo w/M2

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