My first Lecia & my first shot.

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by bob_jarman, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. I bought a Leica M6ttl this past week, my first venture back into
    film since switching to digital photography about 4 years ago. What
    a joy! Hope to follow this group and learn a lot in the coming

    Here was one of my first shots:

    Taken with a M6 & 50mm Summicron lens on Provia. Scanned with
    Dualscan II.
  2. Congratulations! And that's a great shot! I was going to post my first "Leica shot" but I won't now... It's too pedestrian in comparison to yours. However, I can post my latest... Also done with a M6TTL, Hexanon 35/2 on Ilford SFX, scanned with (already discontinued) HP4570c.
  3. nice shot and welcome to the community. that all mechanical monster from the past will grow on you quickly! :)
  4. Francisco, I just moved from Northern Illinois to Kentucky a few months ago, can't say I miss it much, and your post brings back one of the reasons why.

    Bob, nice shot. Please post more.
  5. Hi Bob.

    I remember you from somewhere ( Old days on PN chat room?)

    Lovely shot.

    Did you crop it slightly?
  6. Hi and thanks!

    Yes Trevor, I did crop it slightly mainly to remove excessive foreground. I remeber you as well from Usefilm. Still a member there. Come chat someday!
  7. Francisco. your shot is awesome. B&W is one of the main resaons I bought the Leica. I hope I can do as well as you! Thanks for sharing.
  8. I like it. As my wife often says, cliches are cliches because they work.
  9. Done many times. But done exceptionally well this time by you, Bob.
  10. Bob, just wondering if you could tell us what led you back to film photography.
  11. Hi Mike,

    Going back to film was a very difficult decision. I am primarily a nature and wildlife shooter, and as such digital suits that need very well. I kept a digital Canon 1d and a few telephotos that I use exclusively when shooting wildlife or sports.

    I have been one of those people on the cutting edge of digital, I bough a D30, upgraded to a D60, and then to a 1d about 14 months ago. When the 1dMkII was announced, my knee jerk reaction was to get my name on the waiting list.

    But as I studied a typical day of shooting what I found was that I was beginning to become a rapid fire (ie take 50 shots one will be good) photographer. I stopped thinking. I should note that for many this is not an issue, but it was for me. Also, I found myself not carrying my camera around anymore. As good as it is, it is big, heavy and cumbersome. Finally, I wanted to start shooting people in casual settings and black and white.

    So I decided after a great deal of angst to add a film camera. I have friends that shoot Leica's, and I have always loved the feel of them and there compact size. That plus the fact that I have to shoot manual, makes me stop, set up and think a bit more.

    My hope is that I will use the Leica for everyday use and for vacations, and then transfer what I learn about composition and lighting to the times I am out in the field with my 1d.

    Both mediums have their place. I thought I would never turn back to film, but after looking at the pop of a perfectly exposed slide I am glad I did.

    Thanks for the comment!
  12. Your story is similar to mine. For years I lacked the passion I used to have until I bought my D30. That sparked my interest again and as I went along I longed for a manual metal camera and film. I started using old Konica T1's and loved every minute of it. Now I shoot more film than digital. I still shoot digital for hockey photos and quick semi commercial photos but when I go somewhere with my family I take a manual film camera. Viewing slides is a joy again. Next week I will send a payment for M6 and soon I will get a Sum 50mm for it.
  13. "Francisco. your shot is awesome. B&W is one of the main resaons I bought the Leica. I hope I can do as well as you! Thanks for sharing."

    Bob, Thanks for even hinting at doign "as well as" yours-truly... That was very nice from you!

    I'm just a regular snapshooter with some lucky days here and there...

    Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff!

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