My First Engagement Shoot--Critique Please

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by lovcom_photo, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. Hi Folks,

    Please find my first engagement shoot here:

    The wedding is in 7 days! My first.

    Please let me know what you think of the engagement photos.

    Give it to me straight ;-) I can take it.

  2. Nice work Dan! Great mix of light. Do you remember your settings?
    Good luck in the wedding!
  3. Dan

    Nice images. I prefer #3. Though I would straighten the ocean's horizon.

  4. I would not recomend wearing red as it distracts. Your choice of lense 50mm? is not a very
    flattering one. I notice some distorting. I would use more telephoto like 85mm and higher.

  5. jml


    Dan, I'm sure the couple is very happy with their pics, you did a nice job. It's nice to see an older couple! Their love makes them seem young and you captured it well I think. I agree with Michael on the lens choice and the red. There are some technical points, as has been mentioned that need tweaking (although I'm a newbie myself and in no way qualified as is Michael and others, but I offer my kudos for your effort. Could you give the technical info? What flash/lighting did you use?
  6. Hey all, thanks so much for your critiques. Very helpful to me. That distorted images was the result of using a fisheye 15mm F2.8 lens. The images is a crop of the much wider original.

    I used the Canon 35mm F1.4L on most of those shots, a few with the Canon 50mm F1.4, and one or two with the fisheye.

    I used a Canon 580ex flash, set at Hi-sync, stroboframe, shot Av, 100 ISO, RAW, and cloudy WB. Most shots at F5.6. Manfrotto Monopod utilized.

    Location: Laguna Beach, California.

    And yes, the people's red shirts/blouse really got blocked up in post-processing.

    Thanks again!
  7. ..forget to add, I use the Canon 5D full-frame on those shots.
  8. Oh, one more comment about the shoot....the blocked up red shirt/blouse look much, much better in prints....the dynamic range on paper provides much wider DR then these tiny 8-bit jpgs you've just viewed on my site.

  9. I will try and be as critical as I have been with my own engagement photography. I really liked the black and white with colored flower. I would have tried softening the flowers up a little bit to see how that looks. It seemed so sharp compared to the couple. This may have been the desired affect, if so it was done perfectly. I didn't like to see the flowers being held by the gentleman. I think he was holding them for her in one of the poses. In another they were growing out of his shoulder. That kind of stuff I notice ...mostly because I have done it before. Liked the location. The only other thing that might have made a big difference would be wardrobe which you have no control over. You can only hope they take your advise and show up with some color coordination. I felt the blue and red layers the gentleman decided to wear sort of took away from the photographs.
    My favorite is the black and white you colored this is a great composition in my opinion and the couple looks great.
  10. Michael Mc...thanks for the frank advise...was well received. Nice gallery you have...very clean images, great exposures.
  11. My only critique is all the images look the same, the couple looking into the lens. Try to mix it up a bit and catch some shots of them walking, holding hands, being natural. Take some closeups and do some enviromantal shots. I would go with a 70-200 lens if you have one or even longer in some cases depending on the situation. I have a couple of engagement shots on my website to see.
  12. The only thing I would add is to say that the B&W looks a bit flat in tonality. Dan, I don't know if you've had any experience with shooting and printing B&W films, but at least seeing a well printed B&W can give you a sense of what it should look like in terms of tonality ... then you can have a benchmark to work to when making digital conversions. Even when working in a wet darkroom, many printers had a match print to compare skin tones, shadow areas and highlights. Working in digital gives you a nice range of selective Channel Mixing to control tones. While the final outcome is a matter of personal taste, here's an option that makes more of the location, sky, skin tones ... and begins to demonstrate the tonal possibilities ... that in the end are your call.
  13. Dan - some nice shots there. I agree with the earlier posts.

    Probably too many flower shots really. Shoot some with some without, try shooting from different positions, move around and you will soon get a sense for what works and what doesnt.
  14. Robert, Marc, Jason, thanks guys for very well received advise. Appreciate your time. All great points.

    Robert, loved what you did with that B&W images. Wow! what a difference! They're more dramatic and emotional, to be sure.
  15. I meant Marc in last post about B&W...sorry guys.
  16. Marc<br>Could you give us a little insight into the techniques you used for the beautiful b&w you did above? It looks great, and I've been struggling to get my b&w conversions to my satisfaction. Thanks,<br>Duane
  17. Dan,

    I agree with what Robert said. So many of the images are dead on center, staring straight ahead. You did a lot of horizontals of the couple, I assume to capture the lovely backgroud, yet the couple is dead center. I think it would be more interesting to have put them on the 1/3 as in the fish-eye shot, though the distortion was very unflattering to the bride in that one. O/W crop them square or shoot them vertical.

  18. Hey Marc- where did that spot on the gentleman's arm come from? A little dodging??
  19. You can use Channel mixing or just split the Channels and use the best from each channel ...
    which is what I did.

    The "spot" on the man's arm is good old sun light Anne. No dodging. The flowers cast a
    shadow. That shows you where the light was coming from.
  20. Well done Dan,I do not like only men keys.
  21. Good job! You have several great shots for them to pick from.
  22. How about a contrastier version (with a lighter shirt and more dramatic sky?)
  23. looks oversharpened after the PN algorithm now
  24. some dodging and burning applied... This is the shot I like best btw! You did good, I bet you will do good at the wedding as well!
  25. Claude, others, loved what you did with the Black & Whites!

    Thanks for the encouragements.
  26. I agree there are some nice shots here to work with. Especially after tweaking a few of
    them a bit. However I to would recommend shooting from different angles, some zoomed
    in more - some not, with different lenses, different lighting situations, and just try to vary
    it a bit more next time. Great for your first though! Happy shooting.
  27. Matt, you're absolutely right....I know this, and yet I didn't do it! I could just kick myself in the teeth! lol
  28. Nothing constructive to add. Very nice images. I'm sure the couple will love them, and, based on what you've shown here, your wedding shots are sure to be a success.

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