my developer formula ( ULC )for kodak imagelink microfilm

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  1. I am glade to share my special developer formula for high contrast microfilm with all of the microfilm fans who headache for it's development .I research this formula over 4 months,at last got it can get portrait tone.I name it ULC,I also keep improving itโ€™s performance of storage.till now,I publicize the version 3 of ULC.expect all of the miniature fans, who like microfilm, can get good portrait tone with this cheap developer.
    Phenidone ? -----------------5.5g
    Potassium thiocyanate ? ----------------- 2.2g
    sodium dodecylbenzene sulphonate --------------------1g
    Ascorbic Acid ----------------- 0.5g
    Triethanolamine (TEA) ----------------- 50ml
    1,2-Propanediol ----------------- 45ml
    Mixed together above 70 degree centigrade .
    ?Perhaps some solid can"t dissolve at now,don't worry,just leave it. It will dissolve over several days.perhaps there are still some dodecylbenzene sulphonate not to dissolved,don't care it,it don't infect the power?
    please Keep it in sealed bottle ,at the dark place.usually can store1-several years.
    It is better test it with part film before develop film for a long stored ULC.usually the film should be dark entirely about 5 min.
    1:50 dilution, once be dluted,please use it as soon as better,not over 2 hours.
    for Kodak imagelink HQ(ASA20-25)or(ASA80-100),about 5-8min at 20-30 degree centigrade,
    You can also try to use it to develop Kodak TP or other high contrast microfilm.thanks.
    If some other question,please send to my e-mail:
    the pics of microfilm+ULC is here:
    Jack Dong
  2. Hi Alan,
    sodium dodecylbenzene sulphonate is just a impregnant & active agent,widely used in all of the cleaner ,such as also does the same function at this formula,making the developer more "closer" with the film,and develop equably.
  3. I have a bottle left of Imagespeed for Imagelink film

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