My Al Kaplan Tee w/ Lightsphere

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by melisa, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. Just had to share my very cool new tee, posed next to my Al Kaplan original of Janis Joplin. Took the picture w/ the Lightsphere w/ the cap on and pointed up at the 9' ceiling wood rafters of "McKolay's Pub", our partially finished basement/pool & dart hall/studio/family room. Thought it was a good example of the Lightsphere used against a white wall w/o a bracket. As you can see, you will get some side shadows in this particular situation, but I do not find them as offensive as I have found other scenarios w/ on- camera flash on vertical.
  2. OOOH! I love it! Hey Marc, can't you Photoshop that shot you did of me onto Janis Joplin's shirt in the photo...LOL?
  3. Hmm, that lightsphere works pretty good.
  4. Very cool, Melisa! Mary
  5. ummm, helloooo.... ok, al where is my original print???? :eek:) ;o) i'm feeling a bit jealous here... lol. great job missy.
  6. Hehehe! I want a shirt! Are there any left? Maybe you should go into modeling Melissa!!!
  7. There are still some shirts left. James Mitchell, the guy who made up and sells the shirts, said that he was planning on getting more made up as well as more of the first one. He can be reached at cvocek (at) aol (dot) com.

    The first photo on this thread, of Sheldon Hambrick, appeared in an article about the shirt in the Miami Herald and a bunch of other newspapers in the Knight Ridder chain.

    I guess what we need now is a bunch of photos of good looking women wearing the shirts...LOL How about a bride and bridesmaids all wearing them at a wedding? Maybe a cover story in Modern Bride? Hey, I didn't ask for this! It just kind of happened. The one Missy is wearing features a photo by the great Marc Williams.
  8. I can never tell when you guys are kidding or serious! I thought the t-shirt thing was a joke, now I see it was real! OK, now my question is, is that REALLY Al on the shirt?
  9. Yep, that's Al "Silver Print" Kaplan on that T-Shirt.
  10. This is funny, I jsut ordered a couple on Saturday.

    Like the LS II then?

    I am slowly getting adjusted to it.
  11. Thanks guys, happy you're enjoying it. These two pics by Al and Marc are some of the coolest and best timed photographs IMO, LOVE THEM, and done by two of my favorite photographers too. :) Awwww.

    Eve, I put down some cash for that print, had to have it, 'cause I LOVE Janis! Great conversation piece--yeah, I know Al Kaplan. ;-) Here's a close-up of the shot If we do end up planning a PN Wedding Forum function, I could totally assault you with an (alcohol-induced) rendition of "Piece Of My Heart".

    Colleen -- modelling for Moo-Moo's maybe. :)

    David, I'm enjoying the Lightsphere, but still testing it. I've gotten a lot of great shots and some so-so shots. Thanks to Marc for sending me the 550EX Lightsphere for free -- such a great group of people we have here!
  12. Check out my Starbuck's Special Edition Coffee Cup. It's like Al ... one of a kind. Actually, that's what we were doing when I took the photo of him, having coffee.
  13. Nice!

    However, everybody should delete Comic Sans right away, it's ugly and it shouldn't be used... ever.
  14. Marc, if we could actually get Starbucks to sell the mugs and maybe the Gap to handle the shirts we could make some real money...LOL
  15. Al, think of all the free coffee you could get out of the deal too. Where's the "I had a beer with Al" Stein? Those would be pretty rare, I imagine...
  16. Ok, so when are the mugs coming?

    Oh, and how much? never mind, I'll take two. :)
  17. Oh yeah, the coffee cup is right up my alley! You might even want to try some women's tees or tank tops too; as a woman with hips I don't normally wear t-shirts this long...uh, I have to buy them a touch bigger to fit 'round that booty. ;-)
  18. I saw Marc working on that coffee cup today so the mugs are coming ;-)

    BTW Marc check your e-mail. The little problem we had...
  19. Well now, looking at Melissa's photo, I think it's time to get our heads together for calendar.......!!!! Yes, all the women in Silver is Better t-shirts.......!!! Meanwhile, someone slipped me this proof/tearsheet for the next issue of Modern Bride........
  20. Sometimes I wonder if we shouldn't seriously meet over in the business looks like we're headed towards Al Kaplan, it is......This could be big Seminars, where we set up booths to sell t-shirts, cups, calendars, Al's book, .....maybe we could get Al's name on a camera......a toy Leica camera.......with straps.....
  21. Don't forget the "Alchron" lens for that camera. Silver of course.
  22. Melissa, you are a hottie! I need to order my t-shirt... Although I may not be deserving of one because I cannot afford a Leica :(
  23. awww...blush. :)

    Yeah Steve, I feel your pain, the closest I can get to Leica is on that shirt. I'm just an Al groupie. LOL!
  24. Belle, that's hysterical BTW.
  25. Oh my gosh, this is funny! Let's totally do a calendar, except we'd have to make it halfway serious and sell it for real!! That would be so cool. I'll take the pictures... Smile Melissa! Work it girl! If those old ladies half-naked can sell calendars surely some of the women in here could sell them too!! Actually now that I think of it, I'd rather have a calendar of the guys. :)
  26. "I'll take the pictures..."

    haha, i don't think that part of the business plan will be hard to cover on PN..
  27. LOL Colleen! OK, but only if you do it like Austin Powers, "Yeah baby,YEAH!"

    Let's see...we'll need someone to wear just a Leica...oh, and a pair of Lightsphere's...we could make millions. ROTFLMAO!!!
  28. Why do I have visions of Al in a housecoat in front of a big mansion and thronged by scantily clad bunnies with Leicas? LOL Melisa, Lightspheres...
  29. HAHAHAHAHA! I can totally do the Austin Powers thing...
  30. Belle has been working overtime surfing the web. This morning's Email from her contained a link to a website of a company right here in Miami, although at the other end of town, that makes imprinted coffee mugs. We're going to have to check out what the quality is, if they can reproduce a photo well enough that it looks decent. I'm going to try to get over there this coming week. Thanks Belle, although I'd rather just be sitting around drinking my coffee, smoking a cigarette, maybe even be out fishing, and let somebody else do the work.
  31. ...and we're not stopping there, either! I'm starting a new post here.....(the posts drop off a little too quickly on the No Words forum...and this IS a social event....and how.....), girls (and I use that "girls" lovingly, respectfully......) post your best calendar pics.....of you, the photographer!!

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