My AF35ML won't load the film!

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  1. My AF35ML does not load the film, I put fresh batteries in, take the lead out of
    the film, thread it, close the back, turn it on and pressed the shutter, but the
    winder actually rewinds the film, instead of going the other way around. Does
    anybody know why this is happening and how I would fix this? Thank you. Daniel.
  2. Is there a rewind switch or button on that camera? If so check to see if it is on. Second check that there is nothing caught in the take up spool and try to turn it gently with your thumb to see if it will even move. It could be bound up and the tension is fooling the camera into thinking the roll is finished.

  3. Larry, thanks for your suggestions, the camera works/looks flawlessly in its mechanical order. I think there is a shortage in the circuit that is making the camera do this. Do you happen to know how I could fix this? Thanks. Daniel.
  4. Sorry I don't it may be cheaper to find another one that works.
  5. Hello daniel_kim|7
    I have the same issue whit my camera .
    Have you found a solution to fix it ?
    Thanks for your help
    Hugo Lamblin
  6. something makes it too heavy to advance the film so it rewinds the film.

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