my 5D control dial wont operate aperture - help?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by pete_biro, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. Hi - hopefully this is kinda a stupid question with short expiry: my
    5D control dial (the one on the back) works to change iso etc, but
    wont work in M mode to change the aperture. Is there some setting i'm
    missing that disables this? Or do i have a problem?
  2. Does this happen with all lenses?

  3. Turn the power switch all the way up to the white line to turn on the rear dial.
  4. If you have done what Steve says above and the aperture doesn't change, you have a problem. Unlike the 10D (and others) the dial on the back is controlled by the main power switch which now has 3 positions OFF / ON / ON with rear dial control (the white line.)
  5. Also check to make sure you haven't engaged the custom function that turns the control dial into a control dial for the focus points.
  6. Pete,

    you paid a lot of money for your new camera.
    now, read the manual.
    you will soon discover many questions to ask, and many answers within.
  7. You do have a problem. It can be cured by reading the manual.
  8. Knew it had to be something silly on my part.


    short expiry on this thread!
  9. It's the same on my 20D, in manual mode, for instance. Shutter speed can be set with power switch in on position, but to set aperture, you need to contiunue turning the switch to the "horizontal hokey stick" position.

    I don't find this a logical design choice on Canon's part. I'm just as likely to be changing aperture as shutter speed. And, if I get into the habit of always putting in the "horizontal hokey stick" position, I'm increasing the likelyhood of inadvertantly changing one of the other setting that are only available in that mode, such as exposure compensation.
  10. The EOS-3 and -1V, and I assume the 1D series, have a CF to allow you to swap the functionality of the two control dials in manual mode, and I preferred them swapped. It would have cost Canon nothing to provide this on the 20D, and it would have been nice to have it. Apart from that, I don't see what the problem is. Use the full-on position in manual mode, switch to the restricted-on position if you are worried about accidentally setting exposure compensation in other modes. Or perhaps you wanted an option to link activation of the rear dial to the choice of manual mode - bit OTT, in my view, but again it would only have been a firmware requirement.
  11. Another related question here:

    Sorry, i'm new to Canon, So how can you change the aperture in Manual Exp. Mode if you want to set custom function 13 to "rear dial only" [#2]?

    Is this even possible?

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